The nervousness is settling in and the weeks are counting down before it is too late to continue the course without an internship. I wouldn’t want to withdraw from the course but I feel that I’m close to getting an internship, similar to a gut feeling. Those are never really accurate but I hope that it’s true for this specific circumstance.  I’ve applied to a couple more internships and I’m looking at applying to two more. One of them is being recommended to me by my lecturer and a few others and another is one I came across on LinkedIn. For one of the internships I would have to submit my resume and portfolio in the form of an email. I believe that what I am going to do is write down a draft of the email I want to send, adjust it, have it read by someone and then readjust it. I want to sound professional and motivated.

While I’m waiting for replies from internships I decided to look into projects I could adjust and place into my portfolio. For this I referred to past alumni from City Tech that work in the design field I am striving towards. I connected with alumna Sohee Cho and Sabrina Khan from the MAIP fellowship info session. They were a pleasure to talk to and it was nice to keep up with any events they were going to speak, in the future and I wanted to look at Sohee’s work for inspiration towards any UX/UI projects I am considering. I also connected with Dauly Cuello, a graphic designer with an advertising focus that works apart of DeSales Media Group and I found that her project for CCBQ for Kids Fun Day was well designed and playful.