I am a member of the Art and Design Club and for my first event I participated / attended an event where past MAIP fellowship attendees volunteered to give their insights on the MAIP program. Former fellowship attendees (or veterans as I liked to call them) Sabrina, Dayna, Sohee and my closest friend Maria explained how they came across the fellowships and the process of them joining as well as, what their fellowships entailed of and the opportunities it granted them.

Students that appeared in the event, myself included got to ask questions that focused on the MAIP Fellowship process. Understanding the interview process and the timeline of that interview process was crucial to me because I am currently working an internship and would like to join the fellowship but did not want to risk the chance of overlapping the two jobs. I also got to learn about the type of work to incorporate on my portfolio and to pass on the knowledge in case you didn’t know, the answer was meaningful work, something I myself didn’t know. Probably the most important thing mentioned was to obtain a mentorship this lead to Professor Goetz, who was also present to discuss a mentorship opportunity.

I decided to connect with Dayna Iphill on linkedin and decided to look at her portfolio. Honestly she had really good projects and her designs were done so simply but executed very well. Some of the channels she used for the multimedia aspect I wouldn’t have even thought of immediately and one that I feel portrays it really well is The Conundrum Project, a project that focuses on Autism Awareness. I myself have a member in my family that was diagnosed with autism and this helped to give me a little bit of perspective.