I began my hunt by collecting a list of internships recommended by my lecturer. I searched through the corporate websites seeking for those suggestions and internship opportunities. I took advantage of the opportunity to prepare for any upcoming interviews by researching the firm, reading through interview questions, and rehearsing my responses. I also decided to look at the clients the companies had dealt with, the projects they had completed, and the company values they held. I believe it is critical to familiarize myself with the company’s beliefs in order to ensure that the environment in which I will be working is one in which I am comfortable.

After that, I applied to my desired companies that offered the internships I was looking for. I prepared a document on my phone’s notepad and used it as a checklist to keep track of which internships I applied for and for which firms. I checked off the firms to which I applied, and I’ll add which ones I’ve been rejected from, as well as any for whom I have an interview. I’m considering placing my progress into a spreadsheet with the positions I applied for later because I’m trying to apply for more internships and I’ll need to keep track of my progress.