Journal Entry 6

At my internship in Tech and bowery, there was collaborative projects that I worked on, by that i mean the project took a full team to work on it. For example, one of the collaborative projective that i worked on was for a brand called Bubble Paws which was a new brand for dog boots. So in this project i was responsible for the photo retouching of the pictures. The photographer took a photos of dogs while wearing those dogs boots then he send all the photoshoot pictures to me, then i start working on retouching those photos. I was working with the photographers for example one of the major things i was working on was adjusting the exposure and the contrast of the pictures. some pictures were dark and need more brightness add to it, and vice versa some pictures were too bright and needed to reduce the exposure in them. Then after i finish with the photo retouched i send them to my supervisor to check them if everything is perfect or any of them need more adjustments.