Journal Entry 5

Since I joined Tech and Bowery and became part of the team i have learned many things. for example, i learned that each one of the team inside the company is responsible to execute the work given to him on the due date not after that, specifically the more you late you’re that means losing more money to the company.In addition, I learned that meetings are so important. because many important information are given on those meetings. Design wise i learned several things i didn’t know them before, for example i learned how to design infographics, how to stick to the style guide given to me, when to use the pen tool and when the magic wand tool is more effective, and many things more. My typical Internship day is going to the office at 12 PM and meet with my supervisor so he can give me  the projects i have to work on, and when are the deadlines so i can work on closet project to the deadline first and at the mid of the day i take my lunch then go back and work on the rest of the projects. Before i leave, i go to my supervisor and tell him that I’m leaving and let him know what time I will come to the office.