Journal Entry 4

The culture at the company, Tech and Bowery, is informal so you can wear whatever you want. For example some people wear regular shirt and jeans, and others wear shorts and T-shirt. so i will say the dress code is pretty open to you, which means you can wear what makes you happy and comfortable. The typical employee work station is not exactly cubicles, but it’s an big office and everyone work in that office, but each employee has his own desk and computer. It’s like long table and the table have several computers on it and each employee has his chair and his screen. The typical employee work day differs one from another, bu that i mean that some people start their shift from 9 to 5, and others starts from 11 to 7, and some people work 5 days a week and others work 4 days a week but they all have something common, which is they all work 8 hours a day. On the other hand, we have the interns, most of the interns at the company works around 6 hours a day but they can stay longer if they want to, and the company is pretty flexible with the interns, which means you can work as many days as you want. For example, some people have very busy schedule, which means they can only work one day a week, and other interns aren’t busy and free or taking 2 classes only and they are doing there internship 4 days a week. So i will say the company is pretty flexible with it’s hours and days especially with the interns. One of the greatest thing that i like about Tech & Bowery is that you can take your lunch whenever you want, as long as there’s no meeting scheduled or something you can take your lunch at any time you prefer to take it.