Journal Entry 2

My role at the company, Tech & Bowery, is Graphic Designer, Photo-Editor, and Photographer. But my main role is Graphic Designer. My supervisor Gavin Fehler is a nice supervisor, I’m glad to have him as my supervisor because he teaches me when I don’t know something or when i feel stuck at something, He had been a designer for 10 years now so i find him a person with huge experience in the design field. So I’m glad that i actually doing my intership at this company, which took me time actually before finding it. The process it self for searching for an internship it took me a while, about a month or 3 weeks, i kept applying for several companies but i wasn’t getting any response back till i applied at Tech and Bowery. After that, i received an email from Gavin, my supervisor, mentioning that he wants me to come for an interview, and that was about a 7 to 10 days after i applied. So i went for the interview and he asked me about my portfolio and what i have designed before and what experience i have in design, after i finished the interview i was pretty satisfied and i got the good vibe that i will be accepted. and actually within a week from the interview i received another email saying that i got accepted and i will start my internship with them. and i was glad when i received that email, because for me when you work in a place you have good vibe about it, you will enjoy what you’re doing.