Journal Entry 3

The event that i went to was at the company that I’m currently doing my internship at it this semester, the event was a business meeting for the Graphic Designer, the Illustrator, the Web designer and the online store builder. i found this was a new learning experience as my supervisor was showing us what is the big picture suppose to be, and how each one of us has a role, and we can all put it together to build the bigger picture, and in order to that each one of us has to do his work in his area of expert. i learned also how business meeting is serious and have short deadlines so you have to be committed and do your work because if someone from the team didn’t do his part or miss part it can affect all the other team. Also i learned that asking questions is so important because when your responsible for a part in a big project you have to know very well what you’re suppose to do and make sure you know it well, because when you don’t ask any question they assume that you understand every thing, that is why you didn’t ask.