Hello! My name is Jonathan and I am a student studying Graphic Design at City Tech.

I’m a aspiring young artist who wants a challenge anyway I can think of. I’ve started art since I was very little. But I’ve started taking art seriously in my sophomore year of high school. At that time I’ve also gotten myself into the Cooper Union art program. Taking classes there at Cooper Union. I was fascinated in how much talent other students there had. As I was there I felt as if we all were around the same level of talent in art. Some even better in certain mediums. It was truly a breathe taking experience. I am glad I was able to be apart of the Cooper Union program. They taught us various skills learning to quickly draw out what we see in front of us. Train our hands and eyes for speed and accuracy. And something special I’ve received from Cooper Union were new friends that I’ve made there with similar goals as me.

As I continued my experience as a traditional artist I’ve started to like other peoples digital works from social media. The works of art I’d see were powerful and strong. Perfect lighting, using many shades of color to make the image stand out. Having a vocal point of some sort. Then I decided to set a goal for myself wanting to learn how digital art is created. I’d see many artists using Illustrator/Manga Studio/Photoshop and many other programs. So I wanted to take courses that helped me improve my digital art skills. And that’s how I got here for Graphic Designing at City Tech.