Logo History Report [Chevrolet Logo]


          Jonathan Zhao’s Logo Design Report


William C. Durant, the Co-owner of Chevrolet, a car company that sold many cars with a logo in a shape of a bowtie. The Chevrolet logo was in 1913 by William C. Durant. There were many different opinions about the location of where the bowtie logo originated from. One of many assumptions was that the idea of the logo originally came from William C. Durant reading a newspaper when he was on vacation taking place in Virginia. Another assumption that was made about where the logo originated from was from a hotel in Paris. Many thought that Durant the Co-founder of the Chevrolet company got his idea from a design of a wallpaper in the hotel he was staying at. The image to the left shows the comparison of both logo designs. Whereas the top part is where he really got the bowtie idea from. He saw the design on the wallpapers on the walls of a french hotel and thought it’d be a fascinating idea to use as a design for a car. That was the start of how the Chevy logo came to be. Chevrolet’s logo had many changes throughout the course of 100 years. But one thing that stayed consistent was the shape of the logo which remained a bowtie. There were a total of 10 logo designs for Chevy which meant that they changed their logo design 9 times. After the first logo has been introduced 23 years after Chevy had a new design for their trucks.


On the left shows an image of the first logo that was made and introduced. It was a rather simple design, but just like everyone else Chevy wanted to have a better design that’s more eye catching. Something that will make even more profit and more people to buy their product. They wanted an eye catching logo because it was the profit and the money that they were thriving for.


Here on the image flush left shows a clear image of the second logo that has been changed slightly for a better and more professional design. As you can see that the lines above and below the words have been enlarged to look like slabs resting on the borderline of the logo. The second change of the logo was the slight adjustment of the typeface. Those seemed to be the only two things that were altered upon the first edit of the logo design for a better and sharper look.


This is the second change to the design of the Chevy logo changed drastically. Introduced in 1947 to help promote their FleetMaster and other stylemaster cars. On the left you can see that the size of the bowtie has strunk and various things were added. Add ons such as a stretched shield like shape with a pair of wings. This design symbolizes a new and more effective look to it compared to its previous design. It also shows that it’s not only the cars that had new models and designs, but the logo as well.

This newer logo was introduced in 1955 similar to the previous one, but it has a different feel to it. They had changed the size of the shield shape, the color of the bowtie shape, as well as added a checkerboard like pattern on the background behind the bowtie.


As you can see in the image above there were still many changes made throughout the course of 100 years. But thanks to the success of making the logo helped attract a lot of people as well as making a lot of money. Now currently with the most recent logo from 2013 redesigned and reintroduced three years ago is now manufactured and produced in over 140 countries in the world. The Chevy logo is well known not only for having one of the most consistent logo designs, but known for being one of the most easily recognized logos in America. Mainly because it was so easy to remember. Personally I think that not only was Chevy a success, but their car models are improving as the years go by.

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