Cooper Hewitt Field Trip Report

Cooper Hewitt, a extravagant museum with many wonderful exhibitions located on the Upper East Bound of Manhattan. A wonderful experience to bring in and gather new ideas. Learning and understanding the significance of each and every exhibition in the Cooper Hewitt Museum. Cooper Hewitt had many varieties and types of art. Some of the pieces took my breathe away in how beautiful they were.

Within the museum I was surprised that they had locations in certain areas of the museum where you can create your very own artwork. You had many choices and items to choose from and the amount of fun it was is truly something I’ll keep with me for a long time. It was my first time going into a museum and actually having materials provided for me to be creative and make my own artwork. Cooper Hewitt was gave off a really relaxing type of feel as you walk around the museum. You would tend to feel more relax and more at ease.

As I was roaming around the museum a piece of artwork that caught my eye was a concept art from Disney Pixar. The concept was created by John Lasseter. Surprisingly a sketch which then later turned into a very well known introduction for Disney movies. The small lamp which was named Luxo.Jr along with the bigger lamp Luxo.Sr. Luxo Junior the small lamp is well known for being in the Pixar logo as a replacement for the i letter in Pixar.Concept Art, Luxo, Luxo Jr., 1986


Here is an example of Luxo.Jr replacing the i letter on the Pixar logo.

The second piece that really caught my attention was the Scaled Models, Architecture is everywhere, 2015. Surprisingly at first I thought it was a bit of an eye catcher. But as I started to look into it more carefully I noticed there were little human figures on the Architecture model designs. It made me wonder how and where did they get the idea to make those? A 3D printer perhaps? The thing that I love the most about that piece was the fact that they used everyday items to create those models. Below is an image of the Architectural┬ádesigns.Scale Models, Architecture is Everywhere, 2015Lastly the one piece that stood out to me the most was the “Vessel, WV.02m From Glass Series, 2015. There was a whole exhibition on the 3D glass printing. The beauty it creates with light is really just breath taking. As the light laid over the glass it created an aura of emitted light from the glass. It was truly a wonderful experience to see such a beautiful exhibition. Below are a few images of the glass series.

Vessel, WV.02, from GLASS series, 2015Vessel, WV.01, from GLASS series, 2015