Visual Quote Project Final


This is the final concept of my visual quote project. The information provided with the design shows that although we are given many chances in our lives. Some chances shouldn’t be taken lightly. The overall outcome of regretting can vary from something that can be forgotten and something that will cling onto you for the rest of your life.

Visual Quote Project #2

Above is a final revision of my teardrop concept for my visual quote. It shows tear droplets with a dull purple background. Which creates a gloomy and depressing mood. When thinking of tears people usually think of tears of joy and tears of experiencing pain. In this case the concept was made to show pain and regret. There are times when people tend to regret certain opportunities and chances in their lives that they should’ve taken, but didn’t.

Visual Quote Project #3

This is a final revision of my ring concept. A ring is displayed with cracks, but still shines. Along with the quote, “In the end, we all regret the chances we didn’t take.” Rings remind us of beauty and occasionally it reminds us of engagements and proposals. But this concept was made to explain that not all rings make people happy. A lot of people tend to regret not taking a chance to be with a certain person. Instead of taking it they would push it aside. After a certain amount of time the individual will slowly start to regret what they have done.The chances and precautions that they didn’t take.