This is a video editing project that was required to interview one of the students in our digital media foundation class.

Interview Video

The video is about 2-3 minute long however, the original video is around 5-6 minute long. It was quite difficult figuring out which part of the video should be cut out. Another issue  while editing is trying to time the cut out some of the parts of the video without making the video awkward and trying to make sure the flow of the video smooth. Also, it was quite difficult to get better sound quality since I do not have the proper equipment to be able to record a higher quality in audio. Lastly, there were some issues trying to figure out the best music to get in for the video meanwhile at the same time to avoid making the music too loud. Nonetheless this project helped me understand some of the basics when editing and avoid what I should and should not do. This project also helps me understand the importance when picking a location to record and to make sure that the limited equipment I have to make sure that it records properly.