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To be successful in the industry as a graphic designer, it is their responsibility to follow and know the ethical guideline when creating their work for someone or themselves. This is not just to protect clients but to also protect the designers themselves by learning what to be aware of and how to be careful and avoid future problems while in addition knowing their rights on what they can do and not.

Throughout my intern, I have been practicing one of the principles and that is the illustration works. I understand that I should be compensated for my work and also be paid for creating mock-ups, sketches, concept art, and so on. But I am a new graphic designer currently learning how the real world works and believe that working a bit for exposure can help me be known to others in the industry when looking for a new job. In addition, I’ve talked with my supervisor and he agrees that he’ll make sure to credit my work when he posts my sketches onto social media and making sure to stay in contact with the supervisor! Most of my work/project is me making illustration assets for the organization and in addition making design posts and finding an art style/theme that can reach out to viewers all made from the hand which is time-consuming with the addition of making sure illustrations are not a copy from other sources/work. So far the supervisor really like some of the concept sketches I’ve made for the organization! Overall, the organization that I am working with as an intern doesn’t have a creative brief, guideline, or design brief for the time being. It is a fairly recently created organization and the supervisor allows me and other intern designers to have free reigns on design ideas and creativity and see what would work on social media platforms and what doesn’t for the organization. In other words, we’re sort of in the experimentation phase. Although we are in an experimentation phase I am constantly keeping in contact with the supervisor and other interns to make sure that the designs fit the organization’s view and message. So were constantly keeping in contact, looking at each other’s designs and making sure the designs are respectful, communicating the right message, and constantly giving each other feedback to improve and make changes to make the design effectively communicate with the viewers and sending the right message on what the organization is about!

Overall, it is an interesting and helpful insight on how to be a proper graphic designer, while also making sure we’re protecting ourselves and the client/organization we are working with!