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Sketchbook Exercise Week 13

Here is the final sketch of the scene, in this scene, there are lights on top of the kitten to convey a sort of blessing/hope, while for the little match seller, she is in the dark to convey she is hopeless and is just about given up!

Discussion Week 13

For this week, I’ve worked on 2 characters and multiple expressions! One page for the little match girl, and the 2nd-page cat expressions. With the addition, I’ve finalized the design of the characters.


Hi! I am Jia Wei Wang or you can just call me Jerry, I am currently studying communication design in City Tech to become a graphic designer.

The reason for my interest in graphic design is from my hobbies. I’ve always loved to draw and draw a lot throughout my spare time, sometimes also being creative by building legos. What got me into learning graphic designing is that I’ve always been fascinated in digital art seeing amazing designs and also amazing artwork and this motivates me to want to learn how to design my own artwork and creative design digitally instead of just drawing on paper. Another hobby I enjoy is also studying history, history has always fascinated me how many things have changed so quickly over time especially when it comes to cultures, civilizations, and warfares.

In the end, my goal is to gain the basics, knowledge and skills in graphic designing to use it as a skill for business and also for my hobbies. I am also hoping while learning I have an easier time coming up with new ideas and draw or design them out with more ease.