Walking While Black by Garnette Cadogan

Public space becomes a very political issue for black people in the United States of America because African Americans have been targeted based on the color of their skin. They walk around in fear of their lives while those outside of their race are threaten by their skin color. The problem with Cadogan encounters in both New Orleans and New York reflects in today society because being a black man there Is a high chance to be targeted as looking suspicious or a criminal just by the way they look and dress. In the article proved that in paragraph 23 . Cadogan was just walking trying to meet up with his friends at a location and was stopped by a bunch of cops. It states” I heard someone shouting and I looked up to see a police officer approaching with his gun trained on me. “Against the car!” In no time , half a dozen cops were upon me, chucking me against the car and tightly handcuffing me.”Why were you running?, “Where are you going?” “Where are you coming from?”. This was all done because of the simple fact that he was Black African American. One of those cops gave Cadogan an explanation for the incident that happened by stating on paragraph 25 , “ A black man had stabbed someone earlier two or three blocks away and they were searching for him.”. This goes to show in today society that once one black person does a crime the entire African American race is defined as that.  Which isn’t true