Long Island – New York by Lauren Elkin (from Flaneuse)

In the short story “Long Island- New York” by Lauren Elkin, Elkin blends both her personal story and researches information by explaining the difference from Long Island (suburbs) to New York City (Manhattan). She talks about how her parent grew up outside the city(Bronx and Queens) and moved to the surburbs because it’s much safer and less populated. She goes on by saying living in the surburbs you would need a car to get to places not everything was walking distance. She compared the surburbs to the city by saying the city had varieties of places and things to do within the same area and preferred the city over the suburbs. Elkin believed the surburbs was much more dangerous than the city because it limited her interactions with people.Elkin personal story lead her to do research by exploring the city for herself. She walked the streets in the city becoming fascinated with the the amount of stores there was and it made her excited to go anywhere she wanted. From that point she had the sense of freedom and bein