Headscarf by Elif Bakuman

To wear a certain item of clothing means to express yourself depending on your attitude . Clothing can define us as indivudials, it can give us a hint of personality , our self esteem and can give us an idea of what religion we are all from. In Batuman’s article some issues to discuss when thinking of woman in public space are the amount of sexual assaults they receive depending on the clothing. Women are allowed to wear whatever clothing wear they desire just as men but aren’t really treated with respect. For example, a woman could go outside and wear a mini dress, stockings, heels and would most likely get sexually harassed from a man because of how revealing it is. From a women’s perspective the clothes she wears looks sexy on her and it shows her high self esteem for herself. On the other hand, a man’s perspective would be it’s too revealing, “she wants men attention, or she’s asking for whatever a man does. I do believe clothing can define a person but it can also give hints on a person’s taste, mood ,or social status. A clothing wear doesn’t define a person as a whole. Batuman pointed out that the only way she received respect from other’s is when she wore hijab. Before she wore the hijab people barely acknowledged her or when they did they would treat her so poorly rather than with the hijab on people held the door for her, called her  “sister”, greeted her by smiling. At the end of the day, Women deserves respect regardless of how they carry themselves in society. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect because we are all humans.