Walking After Midnight by Rebecca Solnit / 10 Hours Walking as a Woman in NYC

After Reading “ Walking After Midnight” the issues of women being public spaces are that they are being sexualized based on their gender of being a female. The author pointed out how a woman was walking outside in the night and was arrested based on an assumptions of being a prostitute. Women weren’t allowed to roam the streets as much as men at night because of the risk of getting arrested or being sexually assaulted. The author also pointed out that women presence in public spaces “becomes with starling frequency an invasion of their private parts, sometimes literally, and sometimes verbally.” (Page 234). This quote just shows how women can’t go outside with out being looked in an inappropriate way. Rebecca Solnit tries to persuade the reader by pointing out an issues that’s been going on for years. She briefly explains how women are targeted as sexual object rather than a normal human being. She explains how women who are sexualized don’t have a say or a voice of their own when they speak up about what’s going on in society. She points out how women aren’t treated as fairly as men and are being silenced because society refuses to acknowledge it. Solnit uses ethos, pathos and logos in her claim by bringing up her experience from working , other women experience from being stopped by police officers for the assumptions of being a prostitute to being targeted by men who sexually harass them for just walking in the street. In the video “10 hours  Walking as a Woman In NYC” shows what happens to women when their walking in the streets.The discourse community are women.The genre that depicted is audio and visual.