Project#5: Written Assessment

JessicaAndRichardProject 2In Project#5, I learned how to create color interaction┬ástudies in this assignment we create four color interaction┬ástudies. In Group 1, we created 2 pairs of achromatic gray studies ┬áby shifting value. In Group 2, we created 2 pairs of color studies by shifting value with color. In Group 3, we created 2 pairs of color studies by shifting hue however, not value. In Group 4, we created 2 pairs of color studies that are┬áshifting hue and value. I learned in order to create a color studies of just shifting hue means that your just adding another color. In this assignment, I felt like I could have done better in my crafting and I felt like I should have understood more on the change in shifting hue. However, this project will help me in the future with color interaction. If someone asked me what is shifting hue in color and shifting value with shifting hue, I’ll understand and define it. ┬áIn the final project of project#5, I understood how color can define another. We were able to find color that define us and a image that represents us, this is one of the project I am proud of.

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