Project #2: Overlapping New Yorks Essay

New York City is always changing, from the people living here, to the buildings being built and to the items being shipped into stores. New York City is the definition of change because it continuously changes daily. New York City is always changing, taking the old and bringing the new. Everyone will have a different view of New York, the beauty of New York is withinĀ the person’s perspective. The time living and experience have led us to goĀ and think further more into the beauty of New York. Everyone will haveĀ their own version of a place instead the presented day’s place. Overall people can notice changes, there are always new buildings being built, new merchandise being shipped in stores, people moving out and in of places. New York City has a diversity of peopleĀ which help creates itself a modern place. However, while we are creating a modern city, the city is being overlap. There is juxtaposition between Ā a person’s perceptionĀ of their old New York and the new New York. A Ā person’s memories should be remember however, there is a differences between the versions of the old and new New York.

After walking around the area I chose I decided to walk around the area a few more times. During my walk with my route, I see new building to old building. As Colson Whitehead mention in “City Limits”. Whitehead mentions “No matter how long you have been here, you are a new yorker the first time you say, That used to be Munsey’s or that used to be the Tic Toc Lounge. That before the internet cafe plugged itself in, you got your shoes resoled in the mom and pop operation that used to be there.You are a New Yorker when what was there before is more real and solid than what is here now.” Beginning a New Yorker is knowing the change in the city. The city is always changing and no matter what the city is always and will continue to more forward. The city is always changing the building and continues to break the items to gain something new. As I was walking, I noticed that the buildings were changing however, since some changes accorded quickly. Brooklyn was able to modern itself well.

In the conclusion, Whitehead tells throughout his text that we should accept the change and continueĀ moving forward Ā and telling us we should accept Ā the overlapping, because theĀ reason Ā is that the version of New York becoming more meaningful to us. However, its always changing and we should always feel Ā happy of the old buildings and its existing are within us. While we are watching New York is change rapidly and increases in building, we will recall building that exist within our memory because while we remember at theĀ Ā same time, New York growing as we grow along with it. With the new modern buildings , the old Ā buildings can appear easily to us and we capture everything within our eyes. We are the extisitng person that knows the past of each building that stood there and we’ll remember when its no longer there.







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