View from My Window: Assessment


As I mention before in my View from My Window: Critique, throw out making project#1, I learned how to use new things that will help in later throughout  the course for Graphic Design Principles.

While in class, many students had to get feedback from other students I was thankful to receive some. One classmate mention how you can tell which are the 2 stable and which are the 2 ambiguous. Another, mention how I should have done a neat cutting with the exacto knife. If the building was straight than cut the the paper straight unless the building had a curve. Someone said my cut out of my car (lower right corner) you could tell it was a car however just remove the road. They also mention that using an inking pen to make a border made the image more visible. I liked the comments that I received in class because people were honest when they commented. I believe the comments will help me improve with my work later on the future and also if I decided to redo  my project to make it stronger.



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