Being placed in Colorwerx

The culture and style at Colorwerx is very urban and relaxed. The office manager and my supervisor both come in at 11 am to open up and get everything started. The other graphic designers and web developers come in at various different times. either at 12 pm or 1 pm. Everyone comes in and begins working on their own project or assignments for clients.

Everyone is allowed to come in dress in jeans, shorts, dresses and anything else. There is no real dress code. I dress business casual most of the time but on the hot days I will come in shorts because my supervisor does not expect me to come in business casual on those days.

There are two large tables set in the middle of the office where 4 designers sit at a table at each corner for a spot. There are drawers to accommodate all of our supplies and equipment. Designers do not really have a set number of hours. The work day ends at 8 pm but designers will stay extra to finish assignments and projects if they have too. When a designer is at a good stopping point in the day they can go and have lunch when they get hungry.