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Helping with the extra things

On certain days the creative aspect of the jobs are slow. There is no one to shadow because of the low and basic amount of work. I then am assigned to help count t-shirts, mark all the orders, help with the screen printing by cleaning screens and putting them in order, and cut out stickers for orders. This kind of work is slow and takes patience for some people but I understand that everything is important and everything matters. I think it’s important to learn a little bit about everything. You should know all the parts about your company so you know how the company functions in my opinion.


At colorwerx I have gotten to know the whole staff and they are amazing people. I have come to know who can help me in what situations and have learned important information. I come to look at everyone as a mentor. They all have years of experience on the field, working, and talking to clients. They showed me shortcuts in programs, how to talk to clients, and what skills to improve. Everyone from the designers, screen designers, and office manager have shown me how to better myself. I would have to say that Colorwerx has been my best internship experience and that everyone has had a great impact on me.

Working with the boss

During my time at my internship I was allowed to shadow anyone on any day and the designers are always welcome to it. I always work together with the head designer and he gives me personal projects to help me improve my photo shop skills. When I am stuck on anything he always has time to stop and show me what needs to be done and how i can improve myself.

When he is working on a project he will call me over and show me step by step on how to get certain things done. He will also show me how to actually operate equipment and ask me to try it myself so I not only observe but I also learn to do it myself. Everyday I get one on one time for him to show something new or help him set things up.


I was assigned to do a basic step and repeat that was 8×8 ft for a first time clients birthday party. I was asked to use photo shop and that I could also work along side my supervisor if I had any questions or help. I was given references and old projects that I would be to look back on and was encouraged to look on my own and give the client what they wanted. I sent a first draft and we emailed it to the client. She loved the concept but wanted a few colors changes and another font. I then worked together with my supervisor and we improved the design and the customer was satisfied.


Being placed in Colorwerx

The culture and style at Colorwerx is very urban and relaxed. The office manager and my supervisor both come in at 11 am to open up and get everything started. The other graphic designers and web developers come in at various different times. either at 12 pm or 1 pm. Everyone comes in and begins working on their own project or assignments for clients.

Everyone is allowed to come in dress in jeans, shorts, dresses and anything else. There is no real dress code. I dress business casual most of the time but on the hot days I will come in shorts because my supervisor does not expect me to come in business casual on those days.

There are two large tables set in the middle of the office where 4 designers sit at a table at each corner for a spot. There are drawers to accommodate all of our supplies and equipment. Designers do not really have a set number of hours. The work day ends at 8 pm but designers will stay extra to finish assignments and projects if they have too. When a designer is at a good stopping point in the day they can go and have lunch when they get hungry.


Interviewed in Colors

For my internship during Colorwerx  my supervisor is  the office administrator and she is in charge of helping me to get accustomed and comfortable with the environment. I was able to get an interview from word of mouth. My mother’s friend knew I needed an internship and asked the office administrator if I could possibly intern and I was given a call three days later and asked to come in to interview.

In the interview I met with one of the main owners of the company. He asked me about what programs I could use and asked me on my work/ internship experiences. I provided him with a portfolio and talked to him about what I have applied on the field. I was then introduced to the rest of the team and also did a small interview with each to see what I knew and how I could fit. When I finished I was told I would make a great addition and that I could begin on June 4th.

My role is in the company is to help make sure all orders and work is being done. To help manage and help complete the orders. Folding shirts, doing some screen printing, cutting vinyl designs, and printing stickers. I have also been allowed to shadow the designers and web developer and ask questions about what they do and how they handle clients.

Find me at Colorwerx

There are many places of business that perform design jobs. They can do small scale printing or large scale printing. They design customer t-shirts, hats, and hoodies. Companies who are purely there to help you for designing websites, creating them and maintaining them. Other companies make videos and animations to help those websites, ­h­­owever some companies manage to do some of those projects or most of those. Colorwerx manages to do all of those.

Colorwerx is a privately owned located in Long Island City at 4700 Northern Blvd, Long Island City, NY 11101. It’s a big warehouse building that has its own printing and screen printing machines and a huge room to conduct photo shoots and music videos.  They then have a room where all the designers work and can collaborate openly and discuss projects and ideas.

Colorwerx use to be three seperate companies but would collaborate and run projects together. They decided that they could all bring their skills, assets, and tools together and create a better business and brand. So in 2016 they came together and created Colorwerx.

Colorwerx has a huge range of clients, from rappers, artist, construction companies and schools. Colorwerx main source of income is the fact that they can all help sell t-shirt printing, stickers, hats, and other accessories. This service also is available to everyone and anyone can use it to help their brand identity or to help get uniforms for a company.

I have been shown and taught how the screen printing orders are done and how they also function. I was shown how everything goes from clients to orders and then to printing and packaging. I was also shadowed a few people on their daily duties and what is expected when we are given a clients task with web maintenance. I will be shown multiple areas and work in every department everyday when there are certain jobs they believe I can shadow or even help in.


Screen printing is done in house at colorwerx