The everyday Colorwerx experience

When I walk inside  Colorwerx the office manager and my supervisor are there to greet me. I wipe down my table and set up my station. I am asked to help pack up some shirts and account for all the orders that will get picked up on that day. I carry them and take them to the pick up station so customers can can come in later and pick them up.

When the designers come in around 12 or 1 they usually spend some time with me to show me how to design correctly or teach me some new tricks to use in programs like photo shop or after effects. I am then allowed to work on my own projects to apply the next skills I was shown. I sometimes get to design a few elements or files to help show logos and merchandise to customers.

Throughout the day certain small projects might come up. I might need to print out vinyls, heat press shirts, or set up the studio room for photos, videos or podcasts.

                                                           Studio Room