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My internship at Colorwerx has a studio space that can be used for many events, events that I help set up. I was setting up a podcast station when many rappers, DJ, and people along with them came in to observe and be a part of the podcast. The company wanted these people to come continuously so we had to be amazing hosts. I helped set up and introduced myself. Everyone was nice and seeing as I didn’t know much about the rap and hip hop world I decided to use it as an advantage and make the DJ’s talk about themselves. They were telling me about what music is great and which they don’t prefer so much. They were nice enough to show me their equipment and how everything works together. They also spoke to me about how I to start putting my work online and what kinds of people to associate with to better improve myself.

The everyday Colorwerx experience

When I walk inside  Colorwerx the office manager and my supervisor are there to greet me. I wipe down my table and set up my station. I am asked to help pack up some shirts and account for all the orders that will get picked up on that day. I carry them and take them to the pick up station so customers can can come in later and pick them up.

When the designers come in around 12 or 1 they usually spend some time with me to show me how to design correctly or teach me some new tricks to use in programs like photo shop or after effects. I am then allowed to work on my own projects to apply the next skills I was shown. I sometimes get to design a few elements or files to help show logos and merchandise to customers.

Throughout the day certain small projects might come up. I might need to print out vinyls, heat press shirts, or set up the studio room for photos, videos or podcasts.

                                                           Studio Room



  1.  Star Fox 64 3DS Trailer
  2. 17 shots / Running Time 30 seconds
  3. Tone: excited, competitive
  4. SFX: Game and actors are interacting
  5. The Commercial shows that friends can play the game and have a good time even though they are playing against each other. Shows a sense of community

Revised Suspense



Man is waiting at an empty street waiting for the bus. All the businesses have closed for the night and no one is out. There is also a park nearby and it is also empty.  The man is uncomfortable and seems uneasy. The man hears something. He hears it coming from the bushes in the park. The man stares off and sees nothing. A figure starts to creep on him from a low angle. The man is unaware still looking at the bushes. The man looks at his watch too see the time and continues to look around the street. He looks to his left and sees a figure. He freezes and then keeps looking but the figure is gone. The figure creeps up behind him and jumps past him. The man does not get to see what it was as the figure runs into the park and is not seen again.


firstr second


A man is sitting on a couch. The man is nervous and is staring off at something. He is very nervous. He is sweating and shaking. He continues to look forward. There are figures standing directly behind him. The man slowly raises his hand and stretches out. His is hand is slowing coming up to something and grips a small piece of wood. He slowly pulls on it. The man has pulled the wrong jenga piece out and has lost the game. The figured in the back go wild as the pieces all come down.

Central Park -Story board continued

story board 2-1 storyboard 2-2


Brenda and Josue are walking through central park when they see up along there is a lady walking a dog. A shiba inu. Josue notices the dogs coming up and he start to get nervous. Josue grips on Brenda’s hand tightens as he start to slow down. Josue come almost to a crawl when he goes behind and around her. The dogs are right at their feet now and Brenda gets down to pet the shiba inu and as Brenda is petting it the shiba inu looks up at Josue and he am too scared to show it any affection as he takes a step back. Brenda looks at him with a smile and pulls him in toward the dog and puts his hand up to the shiba inus nose. Josue slowly approach it when suddenly it licks his hand. Josue pulls his hand back and is in disgust. He tries again to pet the dog and this time the dog doesn’t lick him and begins to circle Josue with excitement. Brenda gets a big smile.  They says goodbye to the dog and the owner and Josue walks away with a smile.

Medium full shot two shot, medium full shot, Full close up, close medium shot, close up, close up, medium full shot, full close up, pedestal, full close up,