Interviewed in Colors

For my internship during Colorwerx  my supervisor is  the office administrator and she is in charge of helping me to get accustomed and comfortable with the environment. I was able to get an interview from word of mouth. My mother’s friend knew I needed an internship and asked the office administrator if I could possibly intern and I was given a call three days later and asked to come in to interview.

In the interview I met with one of the main owners of the company. He asked me about what programs I could use and asked me on my work/ internship experiences. I provided him with a portfolio and talked to him about what I have applied on the field. I was then introduced to the rest of the team and also did a small interview with each to see what I knew and how I could fit. When I finished I was told I would make a great addition and that I could begin on June 4th.

My role is in the company is to help make sure all orders and work is being done. To help manage and help complete the orders. Folding shirts, doing some screen printing, cutting vinyl designs, and printing stickers. I have also been allowed to shadow the designers and web developer and ask questions about what they do and how they handle clients.