Summer Internship #6

Internship has been going swimmingly. After all the work that I’ve done for the design for the packaging, I actually had to find the box that the design would go on to. I spent some time looking at different box shipping companies and the type of boxes that sell, everything from what the box is made of, to the dimensions of the box and how the layout of the materials that will be going into the box will be laid out. I’ve called and emailed a couple box shipping companies to see if they have the boxes that I am looking for. My supervisor told me that most places will send samples boxes. So I ended up ordering a set. I spent some time learning from my supervisor how to get sample for design purposes from some companies.

I believe that I’m doing a good job, my supervisor tells me I’m doing a good job and has said that he thinks that some of the work is awesome. It has been reassuring to hear that cause sometimes I doubt that the work that I am doing is good.

Sometimes the other interns will look on to the work that I am doing and will tell me how impressed they are in my work.  It has been a confidence boost every time I hear it and it motivates me to work even harder to impress, not the greatest reason to work twice as hard but it never truly hurts.

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