Summer Internship #7

My supervisor Louis Auguste has been a great boss. He’s very relaxed and calm. He knows when to joke usually by showing me funny jokes and or videos but he also knew when to be serious. He’s been in the business for more then 15 years and he has an understanding of the inner workings of the industry, how to talk to people in the industry and get them on his side and if he can’t he shrugs it off and knows to get around. He knows how to brake the tension that is in the air, he’s outspoken and quite charismatic. When there were moments that I didn’t know what to do or if I even got stumped he would try encourage me or tell me to relax and take a moment to step back and not work on it for a moment.

As I was working on the pitch deck, Louis would talk with me about any changes that he wanted in it from formatting, to type, to composition, etc. Mostly to see how if we changed anything how would it look like. Every now and again he would crack jokes which really took the pressure off even asking me to put jokes into the pitch deck.  He was a good mentor and the entire time that I was interning I was really trying my best to do my best. The pitch deck has been going great, I’ve been using there theme to add on to the pitch deck, to the type that I used, the style of the graphs and info in it, the photo and graphics used and even the colors used. Louis has been impressed with how the deck is going.

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