The last couple of days working at my internship at Alexapath has been tiring but rewarding. The pitch deck is bigger and better then when it first started and hopefully the presentation goes well. It has videos and hyperlinks to add some flair to the presentation. It has been an interesting project to work on and a long one too. Til the packaging design for the boxes that was ordered come in the packaging design has taken a back seat to the pitch deck. Good thing is, the moment that I finished the pitch deck an email came saying that the boxes were shipped and that the company who shipped it would help with custom designs.

Not much goes on here at Alexapath. The days have been quiet and the hours go bye pretty quickly here. The other people that work in the building are friendly but they mostly keep to themselves. Even after the class is over I’m gonna return to help with the packaging design and help with another project that they wanted help on. It has been an interesting month and I enjoyed all the work that has been given to me.

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