The company I have been working for over the spring semester is a uprising hospitality company. The company has over 100,000 employees throughout the nation, reaching from New York City, Houston, and Los Angeles. Their primary business is in the hospitality management of sports and venues like amphitheaters. They expand from food and beverage, merchandise, guest service and many more. 

Two of their main clients are the New York Yankees and the Dallas Cowboys. It was the biggest partnership contract to ever land upon both owners of the Yankees and Cowboys in 2008. Currently I am working in the Yankee district under concessions and alongside the Oculus Beer Garden as their social media handler.

In recent news, they have expanded their corporation with two major events. The first being hired by the Buffalo Bills to plan and market their new upcoming stadium. The Buffalo Bills have gone through multiple interviews with many agencies where no one left a mark for them until the company stepped in. Lastly,they has extended their hospitality services in the Super Bowl LVI. 

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