Resort Collection

As the holidays are coming, a lot of families are planning a winter vacation, Egg by Suzan Lasar created special vacation clothing just for this season and for our lovers of traveling. This week everyone in the store was preparing for the resort clothing, finding the place to settle new vacation arrivals, the sales team with our director were establishing the prices as well as discussing the upcoming Black Friday sales for the clothing. The web designer was producing the new photo shoots of the resort clothing on the website and I was assigned to create a special vacation email blast incorporating the photo shoot images that was done by our professional Photographer. All in all, after 2 different designs out of 3 was approved and as always, I settled the submission to our costumers.

Other Brands In Our Store

This week at Egg Baby was extremely intensive and productive. During my working days, I was assigned to create the holiday gift guide using the different brands that we also sell in the store. By creating this email blast, we remind our guests that we are more than a great close store, we have much more to show to our customers, and also to give the credit to the brands we collaborate with.

Firstly, I had to familiarize myself with other brands that we have in the store and I started my journey. I chose a couple different gifts that parents might like to by for those kids for the holiday season. After I set up an idea which gifts I will incorporate in my email blast I when back to my working area to create the work. After the design went through the approval process I scheduled the email through the mail chimp to be sent on a required day.

My next assignment was to implement some photography skills and make some clothing layout images for the Instagram page. After I settled the photography area in the small walking hallway with a bad lightning (as it was the only available spade I had no another choice) took some dress combinations for the girls added some accessories and started to work on the layouts for photo shooting. After I made different photos of the same clothes in different layouts I repeated the process with other clothing styles for boys and baby clothes. After this part of the process was done I went back to the office to chose the best images and thought the photoshop to correct the lighting.

Sales Time Before The Holidays

The holidays are coming and the sales time is almost here. For the past couple of days, I was assigned to design a sample sale email blasts and create 6 different ones in the same theme. In addition, I was assigned to create VIP letters for 100 VIP costumers to be sent by email and another for another 50 VIP winners to be printed and mailed with 20% of the discount for next purchase. After the 6 variations of the design was done it was time for approval.

There are a couple of steps to the approval of the artwork. After my supervisor approves the design, she sends it to the art director, after the art director adds her feedback its time for the corrections and another feedback. As soon as art director approves the work she sends to the owner who says rather he likes it or not. Just after his approval VIP letters or blast or any important art design can be sent to the customers. At this point, I realized how important it is to not to take too personal any feedback or revision you need to make because it benefits the artwork as well as your skills and adds more work experience as well as the conclusion, after a couple of revisions, the work gets approved to be sent.

Fashion Industry Second Month


Working in the fashion¬†industry¬†(at Egg by¬†Suzan¬†Lazar), even if it’s for the kids fashion,¬†every day I was learning something new for myself, either¬†it was related to the tools¬†I never used, color matching¬†and creating a color¬†board¬†from the materials to knowing how the particular color looks in real¬†life or about fashion¬†and clothing policy¬†at work in general. After my second month of interning, I started to do my work quite¬†faster and more effective. Besides the weekly email blasts that I was assigned to, the company opened a new place¬†associated¬†with¬†Kidville¬†on the upper east side, so I was assigned¬†to retouch some images¬†and get them ready¬†for print, some of them needed to be on the foam¬†board. I sent the files to Staples (it was the closest¬†printing place and the company had an account with Staples) and got the files printed for the next day so they¬†were ready before the day of the opening event. Afterward,¬†I was assigned to create a star cancellation illustration for the Girls next fall¬†2019 collection. The time I was working on my second example I mentioned that my file¬†wasn‚Äôt¬†able to save and an error started to appear. The file was saving for an hour¬†without any reaction, because¬†of that, I couldn’t¬†show the work I did for my supervisor. I think its good to mention that the t-shirt was navy and the stars I designed were gold created by a downloaded swatch panel. The problem¬†occurred¬†because I used a lot of details using the gold swatch and it¬†wasn‚Äôt saving as often. As a result, it took 24 hours¬†to save the file and it was a good experience¬†that I must save files very¬†often especially when working in illustrator.

The Workplace Culture

During my internship period at Egg By Suzan Lazar, I was quick to learn about the companies culture. I’m working in one of the three boutiques the one which is located in a wonderful SOHO neighborhood. An area full of shopping boutiques, tones of different world well-known clothing brands such as Chanel Louis Vuitton and many others.

The office I’m working in is located just behind the boutique area where people come to buy the clothes for there kids. After passing the shopping area, next door is the office where our design and sales team are working and a small cloth storage place with a huge round wooden table and coffee area. The office area is split into 3 different office areas by the glass walls, walking in a tiny corridor where on the sides are rods full of kids cloth approvals for the next collection. Those are almost everywhere, especially in our design office. On the left of the corridor is a small meeting area with some materials and printers, on the right is our sales team and just straightforward is our office where the design team, which includes 5 people and me, create the design for the cloth collections do the posters, upload advertising, and social media design information.

From my first day I mentioned the pleasant atmosphere in the team, everyone is pretty pleasant and always answers the questions if appear any. Give the suggestions on the design and the feedback, however, the important person in our office is our Art Director who checks the artworks and gives the most of the feedback, of course, her feedback is the most important.

There is no real dress code, but it is important to dress stylishly. And look professionally. As for me, I always try to look as professional as I can. Also, there is no specific lunch time it the office. Everyone decides for themselves when they want to go and buy some food to eat. As our office captains, mostly from the female part where everyone loves sweets and cookies, there is always someone who brings them and shares with the office.

Holidays Design. Week 5

Deadlines are an important aspect in each company and mostly on any job. However, for designers, it means much more rather just to do the work in the time it means also to do your best work in the time you assigned using all your creativity, knowledge and company’s style.

As the most fun and waited holidays are coming I was assigned to do the blasts for Columbus day, Halloween, Thanks Giving Day, VIP Sale and regular blasts for the week. All those needed to be done by Wednesday and the weekly blasts needed to be scheduled and sent on the days it’s usually sent (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday). I designed a couple of versions for each blast. My supervisor told which ones she likes and what to correct. After she approved, it was sent to the main office for there approval and comment, after another couple of changes, the design was ready.

The most interesting blast I was assigned to was the Halloween artwork.



Coding. Week 4

My third week started with creating new templates for the email blast. Changing the position of logos, artworks and making the artwork to be linked to the website with particular cloth design. Important to mention that the process of uploading the design pieces take up to 1 hour as the template in the Mailchamp program which the company uses do not have the fixed containers with the same width and height.

After I upload the logos, link the artwork, underneath goes 6 containers with the suggested clothes to buy for days, boys and girls. As the images are of different sizes the containers look unproportionate. After a couple of people unsuccessfully tried to create an email blast through coding in HTML and SCC I took my turn to try. The page was working successfully while it opens in a Broder, ( we tried different browsers) however while we inserted code too Mailchamp it made some changes such as font size and placement, as the code had the bootstrap links and code elements to it to have a responsive design for every device the Mailchamp seen it as for phones scene only. Even I was so close to fixing the problem with coding it still was unproportionate to use.

All in all, it was a great experience to remind myself the coding process, and sharing the process I had that great feeling that I can use the knowledge I thought will never use and get much father in coding than my team. Also, the feeling of proud and satisfaction comes just for a moment when you upload the file to the Broder and everything looks as it should look, and what disappointment at the end when it dissent look properly in the MailChimp. Never the less, I did my main design task and uploaded through the old template. This week I realized how important it is to always to teach yourself, you might think you will not do or use the coding or any other skills, it might be a moment when you realize how good it is that you took that class, read that book, watched a video or anything else that might help you in the situation like mine.

Fall 2019 season design. Week 3

As soon as you go out from your comforter zone, in time when you spend outside of your comfort zone, it becomes comfortable. In my second week, I felt more productive than my first couple of days at Egg by Suzan Laser brand clothing. First of all, my artworks were more effective as I start to understand the brand identity and style of the company. My designs then became useful.

My main job was to create the email blast design, coming up with copyright text and illustration. In addition, my supervisor showed me how to upload the design to the Mailchamp program, that includes creating a template with the layout, the design, as well as the additional information about the company and linked kids clothing images. The blasts needed to be sent every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. As I was working Monday through Wednesday from 9:15 am to 5:30 pm my responsibility was to create the responsive design upload all necessary information to the Mailchamp program and schedule the email to be sent on the due day.

All in all, by the Wednesday, 3 approved email blasts were ready and scheduled for the appropriate days. By the end of this week, I felt more comfortable working in a team. As this week has passed I have learned something new every day, starting from the program tools I never used ending with creating the color board pallet with cloth materials for the Fall 2019 season design.

Company’s style and brand. Week 2

My first day at Egg by Suzan Laser started well, I was introduced to the design and sales team and was assigned to create the email blasts for the company. In order to familiarize myself with the style of the company I gently reviewed the earlier designs that were sent to the customers. By the end of the day, I needed to create a couple different versions of email blast design. 

The company is oriented for young kids and those parents so I decided to create a nice detailed cartoon illustration with the rainy theme based on the weather that was running on. In about an hour after I started, my supervisor came to check on me and mentioned that my artwork looks great, but does not reflect the style of the company. The company design is simple, family friendly with simple brush strokes and attractive at the same point. While mine looked very detail oriented illustration. By the end of the day, I came up with a couple of illustrations combined with the retouched image, copyright text, and design. With supervisors advice and recommendations I made corrections to get it ready for use.

The next two days was much the same. However, to my surprise, it is not always that easy to follow the company style and feel of the design, especially when you do not always consider it the best. Never the less, besides some technical tools I learned in my first week, I also realized the importance of paying attention to the company style and way how they represent themselves and be enough enthusiastic to do the research, create a mood board, make sure the style represents the company’s,  and then start the actual artwork, otherwise it might be spent hours on design that dissent speak for the company.