Self Reflection As A Intern

Coming to the end of this internship has given me the opportunity to reflect upon myself in a new image. Although it was very flexible and remote there were times where I was overwhelmed. There were times where I was working and was scratching my head because I didn’t feel like I knew if what I was doing was really accurate and that drove my nerves. I was able to take some time to just have a break which I wouldn’t take too long to get back to. I would grab a snack and sit back and watch some tv a little bit to get my mind right back. This is where I also started realizing this is just what comes with being a designer. Furthermore I also found out that when I am fully focused on something I can actually get it done instead of procrastinating, this is allowing me to build up more confidence within myself of my abilities. With this type of experience under my belt, I don’t think I would shy away from any future adventures. The reason I say adventures because as a designer it can be a long journey before you’re able to get where you feel like you need to be, there are always some key steps in which it needs to be taken. I know what I’m capable of, it is all about consistency and dedication along with the motivation.

Remote Working

As an intern I have the opportunity to work remotely. The upside with working remote gives me the opportunity to be comfortable in the aspect of my own home as well as using my computer. Being given the opportunity of working in my own space really means the company does care about their employers. What made this even more amazing was the fact that the hours were really flexible as I was able to pick in my own hours. My schedule is from Monday-Thursdays, while from Monday-Wednesday it’s 10am-2pm and Thursdays 10am-3pm, so I am fully able to fulfill the hours I was given.

This was definitely a new experience because I never actually worked from home before. The closest thing to this was just having online classes for City Tech where there were highs and lows. The difference however was the fact that I was able to pick the time I come in. Although not every job would have this format, it is a better way for workers to actually get the job done. I am not saying they wouldn’t get the job done in a different way, but it also allows for a better relationship between both. From this experience so far, I’ve learned about myself is that I can be capable of doing more things than I assume, it’s just all a mind standpoint.

Making The Footage

The next two weeks were gonna be what either breaks me or makes me. Before it was finally time to start editing, there were a few revisions in which the client wanted and had to be done. It didn’t really bother because the revisions were very little so it still felt like the script that I had finished in the beginning.

It was time to get into editing. I got into the software and it was time for me to work and there was a lot of work to be done. I didn’t know at first how I should do it, I started doubting myself just because I was lost and not because I didn’t edit before because I have, but it just felt different. My supervisor just let me know that I should relax and everything doesn’t have to be perfect at first since it is something new I’m doing. I took the advice and then it was really go time. I started figuring out what goes where and to make sure the layers stay where they are. As I’m going along doing this work it is almost as if I’ve done this form of work before. I was having a blast just going in there and just editing looking at my script then putting my script into the media. It gave me a big sign of hope and relief, which also keeps me motivated with “be comfortable being uncomfortable.”

Constructive Criticism

What I was working on was the admissions requirement video for the Applied Chemistry BS program at City Tech. I did finish the video and give it in to receive some feedback. Not only as a designer, but in any type of career it is necessary to always get critiqued for your work, we see it everywhere as movies get critiqued by critics whether positive or negative. Once I gave in my video, waiting for feedback wasn’t really nerve-racking as I was simply confident and ready for whatever I was going to be told. My supervisor gave me feedback on the work and there were a lot of positives with just some minor adjustments to make the video perfect. When I was given the feedback it was really appreciated because it allowed me to see that even if you think you’ve done a great job there is always something someone else sees that you don’t. As designers it is always beneficial tee receive criticism because it will help you in the long run. What I mean by this, is that when you pull off to something you’re really intrigued with, you’ll already have an understanding of what to prepare for and that is what I am taking with all of this.

Meeting With The Client

Week 2 began and it was time to meet with the client. I had the script ready and completed, however I did feel a bit nervous before meeting with the client. The nerves kicked in just because I haven’t ever done something like this before, it was pretty new to me. I got on the Zoom call, so it was me, the client and the supervisor. Once I was introduced to the client the nerves went away as if I have done this before. I had my research, I had my script, and it was time for the client to let me know if it was approved or not. The client believed that the script was up to par with what they wanted and it was go time. That’s when it was time to go on and start the big work.

Starting out

In the first week of starting the internship I was going into the atmosphere nervous. I was feeling nervous because this wasn’t something I was familiar with in the essence of doing work revolved around the skills I’ve been developing which is video editing/motion design. However, the work being remote is extremely beneficial because it allows me to have some sort of comfort and extra focus on what I am doing. I was able to meet with my colleagues and supervisor just to inform me what will be happening on the internship.

Later on in the week the task was to build up a script for the Applied Chemistry Bachelor of Science program’s admissions requirement for City Tech. What made this challenging was that I have never been in the position to do something like this. Without overwhelming myself, my supervisor gave me some encouraging words which helped me progress through the script. The information was on the City Tech site, but did need some paraphrasing because just writing word for word of information would be boring. I put myself in the shoes as someone who would be possibly interested in joining the program and realized how boring it could’ve been. Shortly after I was able to finish up the script and was waiting to meet with the client next.

About the Internship

Well the internship I was able to be part of was the National Science Foundation (NSF). It’s an organization that awards funding to projects that have meaningful education purposes. Having a good connection with my professor allowed me to obtain this internship as it will allow me to become a better professional. This is the first foot on the door into the real world where there will be some positive and negative outcomes.