Journal Entry #7

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Journal Entry #7

I recently finished working on a collection of images for the European soccer tournament that just finished last week. I was tasked to create images to post for clients wanting to show the game in their restaurants and generate excitement for the date. The only specification I had was to put the logo in the image and make it 800 X 800 px to fit the instagram and facebook, the rest was up to me. It was difficult at first because there was a lot of clients that wanted posts and little time to create them. When I first started there where multiple games in a week, so I was constantly making images from a template. I didn’t like it but it was what I had to do. Afterwards the games where drawing to a close and there where less games which, for me gave me more time to work on better images. On the semi-final games and the final game I had creative freedom, but I still had a tight deadline since they were very close to each other. I had lots of fun creating these images because I had to use everything I learned in school to create these images.

I feel that I did pretty well considering the circumstances. There were a few designs which resulted great but there were some that I wish I had more time to work on. I did ask for feedback when ever I could but didn’t want to do it too much so that I wouldn’t bother my co-workers. Overall they liked what I produced and there were no complaints, so to me that was mission accomplished. I see that whole experience as a learning tool because it made me think on my feet and I had to come up with whole designs that had to connect with the sport and the audience that follows the sport.

This is the first set that I used a template for.EuroCupBrassTapBel_V_Wales

This is the one where I had a bit more creative freedom.



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