Journal Entry #6

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My time in Clickdaily has been a very good experience. I have met many people who has helped me in many ways, through a project. There are two City Tech alums at this site, and since their experience is similar to mine I feel like I can go to them for some guidance if I have any doubts. As for mentors I feel as if everyone in the company is a mentor because they are open to helping me in any situation, and each has worked hard to be at the position where they currently are. I was afraid of going from student to professional and with their help I feel like I’m more prepared than I was a month before. That’s why I hesitate to mention only one person as mentor since they all equally help me.

My time here in Clickdaily has been an enjoyable experience mainly because of the people I work with. I feel fortunate to be here and hope to grow as a professional within the company. I know that there will be struggles along the way but I feel safe knowing that there are people willing to help in my career. Many times I’ve been interviewed people had asked me; “Where do you see yourself in five years?” and usually I make stuff up, but know I would say, “working as a graphic designer in Clickdaily.”

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