Journal Entry #4

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So far, it has been a full week since I started my internship and so far its been great, I feel like I’m learning a lot. I am learning the role of a graphic designer in a company that focuses on promoting through social media. A graphic designer like me works with a copywriter to create an image that communicates the message the client wants. For example, I was working with the copywriter to create an image to promote an ongoing event to post to facebook and other social media platforms. For this project I worked with him to create an image that attracts its followers to attend the event. This project was difficult for me because I am not a fan of the type of music they were promoting and because of that I had to do some research by listening to the music and creating a mood board in Pinterest. My work was featured in their clients facebook page which make me feel a sense of success. This is the image I made that they posted.Growler_ElleryMarshall_LowRez

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