Journal Entry #8

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On my recent project I had to be very patient and use my creativity more than before. My assignment was to make an image to post for facebook for an event that was taking place within a week. All I was given was the name of the event and the businesses involved, which was not enough for me to start conceptualizing. I kept asking for more information like what is the event about? and what is the event going to offer? nothing was known at the time since I assume that people involved were still planning. I didn’t know what to do with very little information and worried that anything I came up with would not fit the event’s purpose.

With the little information I was given I looked at Pinterest to see if could find something generic that could fit the event I was supposed to feature. Still worried, I made a mood board in Pinterest with the collection of what I felt the event was going to be. I really liked an image showing an invitation for a wine tasting event, I figured that’s what they was planning since one of the organizers was a gin company. I started to make something really generic based on that image from Pinterest but also kept researching for ways to make this image standout.

I started to create something reluctantly because I thought I was going to waste time if it didn’t fit the purpose of the event. I used Adobe Illustartor to create ornaments shaped like a bottle because I thought that the main feature was going to be the gin company. I didn’t know what to do with the other organizer which was a restaurant that offers mussels. As I continued to create the swirls for the bottle I received the much needed information that I was asking for. Luckily, the design I had in mind fit perfectly! I still felt the need to make a few versions just to offer more options. When I showed them what I had created they liked it. I was relieved that I didn’t have to think about it any more. They actually picked the first design that I made. A few minutes later the client emailed back saying they were happy with the design. I felt proud and had a sense of accomplishment knowing that it started off very rocky.

This is the image that they choose:


This is my inspiration for the project.


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