Journal Entry #5

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Yesterday I was part of the company meeting which was a great learning experience for me, making me feel part of the company. The company just gave a run down of the status of their clients which gave me a new perspective on how they organize their work. People seemed to be on top of everything and the meeting went by very smoothly. I was never part of a meeting but I was expecting the meeting to last longer because they had a pretty big list to run through.

After the meeting everyone knew what to do and continued with their respective projects and I continued to work with my project. I was working on an image to post to facebook and after I finished that I needed to create a template so that they can reuse for an ongoing event. I worked along side my supervisor to get feeback to improve my work. Working with him really gave me a new perspective when working on projects because he tought me somethings he learned on his time working there.

This is one of the potential templates I submitted of the ongoing event.Growler_BluegrassSundaysV2

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