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Alas and a lack: our Garden Club President Tristen Vail said she needs to step down, end her term….    She has been really dynamic, resourceful, organized and energetic as president the last year plus;    Tristen told us she is too busy w/ internship and other commitments this spring so she wants to turn it over to someone else.   We’ll miss her exec skills, humor and ideas….. But she will still be a part of club events and wants to do planting this spring. (We are happy for that….)

BUT on the PLUS side:  at Thursday’s meeting everyone gave their support to elect  Amanda Arroyo to be the new president!! She has been a big part of the club for a long time and she will be great as Prez. We are all smiling about that!                        Caroline will stay on as VP. We may need to find a treasurer, but                            Maen agreed to be secretary so he will be sending out messages to the club. It is fantastic that these two will continue to take on some of the exec chores             AND…

Mark these dates: APRIL 16 & MAY 15:  GARDEN CLUB EVENTS

Club members will be able to use the green house at Brooklyn Grange later this month, to start seedlings for a big plant sale on 4/16

We should be able to get seedlings into the ground by early March for harvest and a cooking demo on May 15.

Watch the Events Page for more news

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