Prolific Garnish

After all these years it still seems like a miracle:

Seed goes in the ground, (wait a little) a small plant comes up, (wait a little longer); the little bush provides a plethora of small green beans that can be eaten immediately. Given the number of blossoms on these bushes, it is clear that this is only the beginning of the bean times. Large amounts are on the way. Steamed or sauteed is nice. Or pickled.  Dilly Beans used to be popular as a garnish for dry martinis when folks tired of olives. Maybe they still are.

There is a tomato variety named ‘Mortgage Lifter‘ that did just that for the fella who developed the seed. Maybe these beans, with the right marketing, could get a similar moniker– like ‘Tuition Helper’

Almost as prolific as beans, are the squash bugs that have inundated the butternut plants.  Spraying with cayenne and garlic solution slowed em down. Today they got doused w/ mild peppermint soap. Still, they come up for more.  If they stay off the zukes (young fruits just starting) it will be a miracle. No, not a miracle, just surprising.

Fruits are thick beneath the sprawling ground cherry plant. Sweet, with a musky finish. Peel back the paper husk, but leave it attached, and that’s the garnish you see on those precious French tartlettes.  Or in your martini.

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