Saturday, Yeoman’s service

They came, they saw, they harvested;  they prepped, they schlepped, they set up and cooked. And it was a good time.

Joslyn made scrumptious sushi w/ roasted veg and garden greens.  Joseph & Michelle sauteed and served up hundreds of spring green bruschetta. And as a result, conference attendees enjoyed the fruits of their vegetable labours.  Without the assistance of Diandra, Shelita, Evelyn, Sephira,  Mohamed, Krystle, Jaquay, Vivian, Dah Wei,  Anthony,  Jelani, and a drop by from Bryan, ….. well, it would not have been nearly as much fun as it was, loose wheels and all. 

These Garden Club students went above and beyond, yeomen and yeowomen.  Awaitng pics from Carlos & Ms D.  

NEXT UP: Picking in the garden Thursday 5/17 at 10 am.

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