Thanks to Professor Hoffman because in each class we learn something new. Thanks to Caroline for sharing her experience and for always being willing to help.
A very productive class where each group prepared three recipes and we finished on time. With each class we become more familiar with the vegetables and grains that can be used as substitutes for meat.
Burgers are hearty, flavorful and full of vegetables. These delicious vegetable burgers are high in fiber, protein, sodium, iron and calcium.
Mimicking meat is difficult to do but we did a pretty good job, using spinach and chickpeas,lentil and Bulgar, and quinoa and red bean.


Caroline’s creation Quinoa burger, white mushroom, pickles, carrots chips


Nelson, jodie
Spinach burger, sweet potato, mango ketchup, and pickles
Quinoa burger, white mushroom, and pickle
Lentil burger, Carrot chips with eggless mayonnaise
Lentil burger, pickles, tomatoes and carrot chips
Lentil burger, carrot chips, pickles and kale

Week 10: Desserts and Cake

Hello class! We are finally on week 10, dessert!

Tonight we explored vegan desserts. All of these desserts are made without dairy and eggs. In order to replace these ingredients, we had to use alternatives such as Red Mill’s Egg Replacer, tofu, tofu cream cheese, soy and coconut creamer, soy and almond milk, and sweet potatoes. All the desserts came out delicious, and I must say our plating has improved significantly since week 1. I am proud of all of us!

I would like to thank Chef Hoffman for guiding us and finding these recipes for us to make, Chef Caroline for offering her expertise and tools, CLT, and of course all of us for making it to class and making tonight a fun experience.

Sweet potato spice cake with cream cheese topping and vegan anglaise sauce, by Cei Kar and Julie

Chocolate macadamia nut cookie by Donald

Fudgy Vegan brownie by Caroline and Yazmin

Silky Lemon custard “Cheese” Cake by Fabiola and Jodie

Week 9: Tempeh


My name is Younjoo Cho and I was chef for week 9.

Thank you to Professor Hoffman for presenting fresh, beautiful ingredients for us and demonstrating. Thank you to Caroline for helping us. Thanks for all my classmates who were making beautiful and delicious dishes.

I was chef, so I picked an article which is “Plant protein startups vie to tap china???s Hungry market” by Reuters¬†from New York Times. I thought this article is very interesting. It’s tells how vegetarians and vegans grow fast and how they are impact to market. Also this article talked about fake meats and tempeh is one of fake meat which is main ingredient of this week!

We used two different types of tempeh that was Soy boy and Barry’s tempeh. Soy boy tempeh is more common than Barry’s tempeh. But Barry’s tempeh is unique and is has some good mold inside like blue cheese. It was fun to see and taste difference between two products. Thanks again professor!


CeiKar, Jodie and Fabiola- Stuffed Poblano Peppers, Mixed Rice, Roasted Red Bell Pepper and Tomato Sauce and Chard

Nelson and Yazmin- Glazed Maple and Mustard Tempeh strips with Kale and Sweet Potato Mash

Nelson and Yazmin- Glazed Maple and Mustard Tempeh strips with Kale and Sweet Potato Mash

Chef Caroline dish 

Donald and Julie- Tempeh Tacos with avocado Kiwi Salsa


Week 8: Tofu

“Everything in moderation, and there’s a perfect balance in this life if we can find it.” -Ryan Robbins

Tonight we explored different ways to manipulate and create balanced dishes with tofu as our plant based protein. As I mentioned in class, tofu is a great alternative to a plant based protein that provides no cholesterol. Eating tofu in moderation is key due to the possible health risk it can impose on certain individuals. However, moderation in moderation. Tofu is a great swap if an individual is looking for ways to eat less animal based protein for either bodily health or environmental health.

Before I begin our recap of the class, I would like to thank Professor Hoffman for her guidance, Chef Caroline’s expertise and kindness, and all¬†of my dear classmates for showing up on time, ready, and creative- it really shows from the taste and presentation that we put our heart into tonight’s dishes.

We started class with a fun show and tell. ProfessorHoffman graciously brought in some interesting citrus fruits that are fragrant and delicious.

In this photo, we see a Meyer lemon,Bergamot, Jerusalem Lime, Kumquat,Mandarin Quats, and Sapphire Black Grapes. The Bergamot in particular had an exquisite aroma and mild taste.

We also got to see an interesting root, the Japanese Nagaimo tuber. This was grated into our tofu quiche and itwas used as a binder, and as a texture enhancer. Professor Hoffman also brought in some homemade hamantaschen cookies that had

three fillings, all delicious! This was a fantastic way to start to class, I think I can for the entire class that this show and tell was very fun!

As I said before, tonight’s menu was delicious! Finding ways to replace animal protein with tofu was a challenge, but these recipes show that it is possible to replace animal protein and have it be a great dish.

Tofu Satay with Curry Peanut Sauce, by Fabiola and Professor Hoffman.

Tofu Quiche served with a Salad with Mustard Vinaigrette, by Cei Kar, Jodie, and Nelson.



Tofu Scramble with Yukon Gold and Sweet Potato Home Fries, and a lovely improv sauce made by Nelson!

Tofu “Crabby” Cakes, Simple Slaw and Remoulade Sauce, by Julie and Yazmin


Chile Braised Tofu with Escabeche, by Caroline.



Hello! Welcome to our Vegetarian Cuisine class!

My name is Donald, I am the chef from week 6.

Thank you ! to Professor Hoffman for helping us and demonstrating, and preparing the Seitan from week 5 to make week 6 Entree production.  Thanks! Caroline for also assisting us throughout the past six weeks of class and participating in making the fake out take out.  Thank you! to my fellow student chefs who also participated in making all of these entrees this past week.  This has been a pleasure to be your Chef for this week and thanks also for actually making me full.

For the current event, I discussed the article by New York Times journalist Denise Grady. the article ” Studiesod¬†Deadly Flu, Viruses, Once Banned, Are Set to Resume”.¬† In my writing, I discuss her take on the Bird Flu pandemic and of how testing was to continue after a breach scare that halted testing from continuing in 2011.


This week  Team A which included me and Cie Kar participated in making the Seitan Bourguigon, Quinoa Pilaf, and the Seitan Chimichurri.

Seitan Skerwers W/ Chimicurri Citrus Herb Sauce
Seitan Skerwers W/ Chimicurri Citrus Herb Sauce


Seitan Bourguignon w/ Quinoa and Roasted Peppers
Seitan Bourguignon


Team B which consisted of Chefs Dashun and Caroline made Fake Out Take Out. Based on a stir-fry of Chinese cuisine but with Seitan.

Sesame Seitan w/ Broccoli  and Jasmine Rice
Sesame Seitan w/ Broccoli and Jasmine Rice


Spring Turnip Saute
Spring Turnip Saute


Team C which includes Fabiola, Yazmin, and Jodie made the delicious Spinach Egg noodles and Swedish Seitan Wheatballs with Mustard Glazed Carrots. Spinach egg noodles with a vegan heavy cream sauce and vibrant and tasty mustard glazed carrots.

Swedish Wheatballs and Spinach Noodles w/ Glazed Mustard Carrots
Swedish Wheatballs and Spinach Noodles w/ Glazed Mustard Carrots

Week 5: Intro to Plant Based Proteins and Grains.

Good Evening! This is Spring 2019 The Art of Vegetarian Cuisine.

I am Fabiola Placide the proud Cheesemonger. I was the chef for week 5.  As a class we focused on the Introduction to Plant Based Proteins and Grains.

I would like to start off by thanking Caroline for bringing in a beautiful display board for the cheese experience that I prepared for class. She also provided the pairings for cheeses like cornichons, crackers,¬† fig reduction,¬† and more. Everyone enjoyed the cheese board including guest professors who came to enjoy family meal with us.¬† We had a couple of students who were absent but we were still able to perform and create all recipes given by the Professor. We were lite on the energy this week but we pulled through and I can’t thank everyone enough for showing up and doing their best.

I was chef, so I had to pick a food article that represented agriculture. So of course I picked a cheese article that dealt with agriculture. “Cheese Glut Is Overtaking America.” from the wall street journal.¬† This article represents the amount of cheese that is being stored in freezers around the United States due to the impact of agriculture. Farmers came up with a solution to grow their herds when the prices were high and export markets were hot.¬† When foreigners were turned off by increase of dollars to purchase these items.¬† Which created a ripple effect back onto the United States by having extra livestock and no homes to fill.

This week production teams:

Team A: Cei Kar, Donald, and I made the Basic Seitan, Smoky Sausage, and Tomatoes Stuffed with Bulgar and Herbs.

Making of the Basic Seitan.
Basic Seitan and Seitan Broth
Smoky Sausage


Team B: Nelson, Jodie, Dashaun made Kind – To – Cows Seitan, Barley Orzotto.

Barley Orzotto with Cauliflower and Red Wine.

Team C: Yazmin and assistance from Caroline created the Wheatballs (next week) and Wild Rice and Asparagus Salad.

Wild Rice and Brown Rice Salad with Walnuts and Asparagus.

Week 4 Vegetables Sides

Hello! Welcome to our Vegetarian Cuisine class!

My name is Cei Kar, I am the chef from week 4.

Thank you to Professor Hoffman for cooking the grains we ate this week. They were delicious and nutritious. Thank you Caroline for helping us out on the class and for making that fabulous Rooftop Vegetable Explosion. Last, but not least, to all the classmates that participated in class this evening. Thank you everyone, for all the enthusiasm and energy; without you guys, all this dishes would not have been created.

This evening, I talked about the article “Leather? At Vegan Fashion Week, It’s Pineapple Leaf”¬†from The New York Times. This article talks about the journey of Mena Suvari, an actress who became vegan two years ago. Although, she felt that her commitment was not enough. Even though she did not eat any animal products, she was still using dead animals for fashion. Mena started talking about vegan fashion on her Instagram and that idea started to spread and speak louder. Now we are making leather from trees, fruits and vegetables.

This week, Team A made Chickpea and Beet Salad and Sauteed Beet Greens. We got bunches of beets from two different suppliers, one from the school suppliers and from Chef Hoffman who purchased organic beets for our salad. The other bunch was used for Sauteed Beet Greens and Roasted Beets. Thank you, Team A for these delicious greens.

Chickpea and Beet Salad served with Lime and Mango Dressing
Sauteed Beet Greens and Roasted Beets

Team B made Celeriac Slaw and Eggplant with Pickled Onions and Sour Cherries. The Slaw had a amazing flavor because of the carrots and the celeriac, it was garnished with “fake bacon” and avocados on the side. The dressing for the slaw was made with egg free mayo from last week. The eggplant recipe is a Turkish dish, normally served to share. The eggplants were fried and then topped with the onions and cherries. We also had barley around the plate, it was a nice touch. Thank you Team B for the delicious food.

Celeriac Slaw with Tempeh Strips and Avocado
Eggplant with Sweet and Sour Pickled Onions and Sour Cherries

Team C made Olive Oil Braised Zucchini Peels and Artichoke, Mushroom and Potato Ragout. The Zucchinis were carefully cut because the recipe called for no seeds, they were carefully cooked until soft and served with Greek yogurt. The artichokes were trimmed until the team got into the tender greens, the mushrooms were re hydrated and the potatoes were cut until tender. On the bottom of the plate, we can see a rich broth. Thank you Team C for creating such yummy dishes.

Artichoke, Mushrooms and Potatoes Ragout
Zucchini Peels

Last but not least, thank you Chef Hoffman and Chef Caroline for the grains and the Rooftop Vegetable Explosion.

Rooftop Vegetable Explosion
Red Quinoa
Kasha and Onions

Week 3 Pates, Butters and Spreads

Nothing is better than going home to family and eating good food and relax.

Irina Shays

Carrots Spread w. Harissa & Pistachios

Perfect snack  or Sunday brunch

Vegetarian Chopped Liver

Easy  Appetizer








Eggplant Dip


Geek Garlic Potato Spread






Mushroom and Cashew Pate

Pate full of texture and flavor

Herb Crusted Lentil- Nut Pate

Crisp puff pastry







Herb Farm Spread

Beautiful Colors and flavor

Week #2 Soups


“Only the pure in heart can make a good soup”¬† – Ludwig van Beethoven¬†¬†

I guess we all have great hearts because our soups tasted amazing. This week in class we made 4 delicious soups. Each soup had its own character that separated it them from one another. Some were bright in color, while others were dark. Each one was special and flavorful.

The soups for this week’s class were:

Vegetarian Matzo Ball Soup

Our team members made a traditional version of matzo ball soup, a well known soup in the Jewish community. We molded the matzo balls into quenelles, giving them a modern look. The soup was rich in flavor and in color.

Black Bean Soup

Team 2 made a black bean soup which was plate with red peppers and a house made vegan sour cream . This soup was full of iron and nutrients as black beans are great for our diet.

Thai Red Lentil Soup with Chili Oil

I was in team 3 and we made the Thai red lentil soup with chili oil. Everything was made in house for our soup and for all the soups made. The lentil soups was delectable and colorful. It was smooth and hearty.


Spicy Chickpea and Bulgur Soup

Team 4 made our spicy chickpea and bulgur soup. The soups favors were amazing. It was rich in taste and in appearance. The plating was great and precise.

Overall, all of the soups were beautifully presented. Each group did a great job executing the dish and bringing them to life with their plating techniques. I look forward to what is in store for next weeks class!