Week 10: Desserts and Cake

Hello class! We are finally on week 10, dessert!

Tonight we explored vegan desserts. All of these desserts are made without dairy and eggs. In order to replace these ingredients, we had to use alternatives such as Red Mill’s Egg Replacer, tofu, tofu cream cheese, soy and coconut creamer, soy and almond milk, and sweet potatoes. All the desserts came out delicious, and I must say our plating has improved significantly since week 1. I am proud of all of us!

I would like to thank Chef Hoffman for guiding us and finding these recipes for us to make, Chef Caroline for offering her expertise and tools, CLT, and of course all of us for making it to class and making tonight a fun experience.

Sweet potato spice cake with cream cheese topping and vegan anglaise sauce, by Cei Kar and Julie

Chocolate macadamia nut cookie by Donald

Fudgy Vegan brownie by Caroline and Yazmin

Silky Lemon custard “Cheese” Cake by Fabiola and Jodie

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