Retail Wine Assignment- Brenda Cordova

When I first encountered this assignment, I didn’t quite know how to approach it because I’m not a big fan of wine and don’t ever really drink it. Although I wasn’t going to be tasting the wine, I wasn’t sure I had the enough information to go in a wine store and question them regarding their store. Luckily we came up with questions in class which gave me a sense of confidence to go.

I visited a close by wine shop by where I work, Warehouse Wine & Spirt located 276 Avenue X Brooklyn, NY 11223.



Right before I enteredĀ I took a breath and opened the door and my eyes quickly noticed how big long the store expanded to and how organized it was. I then was approach by a gentleman name Sam. I informed him thatĀ I was doing an assignment for wine class andĀ if he had some time to answer a few questions and take few photos. He answered, “oh sure I have all the time in the world as you can tell” (empty store) As I

My first question which one was which was is the most popular wine during this season?

He said it would have to be the Yellowtail Sauvignon, because it’s an affordable price bottle for a good quantity.

My next question was, How much money does a customer usually spend?

Sam saidĀ around $20-$40, as mentioned their price is very economic for their location and also they know who they are targeting so the range is fineĀ for the community.

The following question was Do you get questioned by customers for answers or recommendations on the product they are buying?

He mentioned that not a lot of customers come in looking for questions, they pretty much know what they’re here for, pay and the head out. There has been a few times couple of weeks ago, where someone asked him about the region of the wine or whether it was dry.

Red & White Wines of France

The following question I had was Which category of wine was sold the most Red or White wine?

He said, it’s very hard to say because there is so many varieties of both and they both seem to hit the top.

I then asked if I was able to photograph around and he said sure, I really like how they had mix wines of Red and White in one category according to their country, of course it’s to save storage, but I just liked seeing theĀ different regions,Ā grape variety, producer.


Red & White Wines of California

Wines of Italy









I also liked how they had sales for their wine, like the one above. An Italian White wine Ruffino- Pinot Grigio it was on sale, 3 for $10.58 Ea. They also had a small section of different regions and producers of Sauvignon Blanc (photo below) There was one from Chile, New Zealand from Marlborough which refreshed my memory from last week wine class.

Different Regions of Producers of Sauvignon Blanc

From never entering a wine store I would recommend this store for a quick stop on your way to friends/family house, or for a special someone. It’s super affordable and have a wide range in varieties of wines to vodka, liquor. It was a nice experience and made me more curious into learning more about wines.


3 thoughts on “Retail Wine Assignment- Brenda Cordova

  1. Brenda, I also like the arrangement of wines in the location you chose. By holding all wines from a certain region in one section (as opposed to whites of the world, reds of the world, rose of the world. etc) it makes for easier purchasing especially if clients only drink wines of specific regions. The grouping also provides easier understanding for people like us who are beginning to study wine via region and ava.

  2. I was also told Yellowtail is a very popular choice for consumers who are interested in having wine with during dinner at home. The retail shop I visited also had Ruffnio which was one of their best selling Italian Wine.

  3. I hope that by the end you found value in the assignment and time learning about the retail environment. Noticing the sale section is beneficial because you can see some of the wines that are in greater demand.

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