John Tadras Retail Wine Shop Analysis

Pete Milano Discount Wine & Spirits Store Front (EST 1944)

As a student in college studying wine, I did my retail wine analysis at Pete Milano Discount Wine & Spirits located at 1441 Forest Ave. Staten Island. I choose this simply because it was the only retail shop on the list for Staten Island.



Once I entered the store I briefly explained to one of the employees helping me, I was there¬†in order¬†to complete¬†a analysis for my wine class.¬†He was complying and helped me even though¬†I couldn’t understand his accent to well.¬†I was able to get some¬†information from the gentlemen helping me.

The store has a nice set up and makes it easy for customers to shop in the store. The wine they offer to customers from different regions such as Italy , France , Germany ,Chile and California. The way the store is set up is they have¬†flags hanging from the ceiling indicating the different regions of wines in the store. The store is also separated by the region, sparkling wine section, kosher section as well as a fine wine section which was closed off by a small door, it¬†had some expensive bottles of wines but I wasn’t allowed to enter even though I should’ve been able to enter as any customer would be granted permission to.

Flags displayed in the store indicating the different regions. Also useful to customers to help them choose from different varieties of wine.

Fine Wines ( majority of the expensive wines up to $300 dollars per bottle)










A question I had for one of the employees heling me with my analysis : what is the  best price value of wine you offer. He responded with Robert Mondavi at $9.99 for 750 ML of red wine. Another question I had for the gentlemen: what is the best Italian/ French wine that you sell here at this store. He replied to my question saying  Ruffino for Italian wine and Louis Jadot for French wine. I also asked what the temperature of the store usually is ,  he told me its usually 65-68 degrees Fahrenheit.

This store had plenty of wines to choose from and it is beneficial to consumers who shop at Pete Milano Discount Wine & Spirits store because they have good displays with small descriptions amongst all their wines.

In conclusion it was a good experience at the store doing the retail analysis. Seeing the store the way its set up made me understand how much pride is in the wine industry . They had a nice clean organized store with sections separating all wines from regions to sparking wine to kosher wines.

A display of both Red and White Wine produced by BackHouse Grape varieties ( Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot Vintage: 2014 California

Display of White and Red wine produced by Prophecy. Pinot Grigio from the Delle Venezie appellation in the northeast of Italy.


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  1. Offering a variety of wine is important and learning about the variety is important too. I am surprised they restricted access to their more exclusive wines, certainly this a curious decision. Ruffino is a popular wine in many stores.

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