Retail Wine Analysis – Midtown 38 Wines

Few weeks ago, I went to a wine store with my two friends and our assignment. We went to the one that located at 146 W 38th St, New York, NY, 10018 and name Midtown 38 Wines. It is near the herald square station. We went there on the Columbus day, but the store was not busy at that day. When we step in the store, the owner and staff was very welcoming. They were willing to help us and answer our questions. The owner introduced his staff to us to answer our question. The staff told us a little bit background and the history of the store.

The store was open five years ago, and the higher sell amount is selling around 200 bottles on a day. The target of this store is people who work around Herald square. The staff told us that the worker doesn’t need to wine certification to work there, but they have to have some wine knowledge. Also, they develop their wine knowledge by read the label of the wine and taste the wine when they have free time.

After finished talk to the staff, we talked around and take some pictures. The wines were organized either by countries or grapes variety. I took a photo of Spain red wine which call 2015 Juan Gil. It costs $13.99. This wine has been aged in French oak barrels. It has black color. It has berries and smoked flavor. This wine is good to pair with meat and smoked seafood. And then I pick a sparking wine that from California which call 1882 Korbel. It is a California Champagne and has 12% of alcohol. It is $12.99. it is mix with orange, lime, and strawberry. It is medium dry. This wine is good to pair with fruit, cheese or light appetized. The third wine I picked is call Recanati 2016 Shiraz which from Israel. This red wine costs $17. This wine has a noted of black plum, dark berry and coffee bean. It also has smoked and espresso flavor. This wine has 13.5% alcohol. This wine is good to pair with smoked meat or seafood.

Overall, the price of wines in the store are reasonable and they have different kinds countries wine. The staffs also are very nice.

Sparkling wine not from France

1882 Korbel California Champagne which contains 12% of alcohol

Red wine from Spain

Juan Gil 2015 Spain Red wine

Red wine from a region I didn’t know

Recanati Shiraz Israel, 2016

Shelf Talker

Wines are storage by grapes variety

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