36 Hours in Brooklyn Waterfront

Brooklyn is one of the five boroughs in New York. Brooklyn has a lot to offer for people who are traveling to New York to see historic places, sightsee, eat and shop. In Brooklyn you could go to the Brooklyn Waterfront to learn the history behind it and also view/walk the Brooklyn Bridge. There also are a lot of famous places you could go to try foods you never tried before. Brooklyn has been slowly gentrified throughout the years that it’s becoming the new Manhattan. To the locals they have been relocating to Brooklyn in the past few years due to positive changes.


View of both Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges (buildipedia.com)


3PM – Prospect Park Zoo

If you have a love of animals this should be the first destination of your tour of Brooklyn. The zoo was officially opened in 1935, and it has been source of enjoyment for Brooklynites ever since. Tickets are nessecary for entry. If the child is two years old or younger they can enter for free, otherwise a child’s ticket costs $5. A seniors ticket costs $6 while an adults ticket costs $8. Furthermore, you can purchase a Family Premium Membership which only costs $195. The membership includes free parking and unlimited admission for two adults, all children and one guest.

6PM – Bareburger (Brooklyn)

After enjoying your afternoon at Prospect Park Zoo, you’re bound to get hungry so why not grab some dinner at an organic restaurant. Bareburger was first founded in Astoria, Queens on June 12, 2009. Here you can enjoy organic meals made from the freshest meats and vegetables available which don’t contain genetically modified oganisms (GMOS). Bareburger is well known for their burgers and fries that have been cooked to perfection.

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge during the night (http://www.takeoffs-and-landings.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/P1020731.jpg)

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge during the night

9PM – Walking the Brooklyn Bridge

After enjoying the day at the Zoo and some organic Bareburger, take a stroll on the Brooklyn Bridge. You canget on the F train at either 15st Prospect Park or 7th ave. Then take it to Jay St MetroTech. After getting out of the train station, walk 4-5 blocks to the Brooklyn Bridge, which is around a 5-10 minute walk. On the bridge, you can enjoy many beautiful night views like that of the Brooklyn and lower Manhattan skylines. A fun fact about the brooklyn bridge is that there are peregrines falcons nests on it.


9AM – Junior’s Cheesecake (386 Flatbush Avenue EXT Brooklyn, New York 11201)

If you have a sweet tooth this is the best place to go to to enjoy delicious desserts. Having been opened since the 1950s, this place specializes in lots different kinds of cheesecakes. Some of their flavors include the original cheesecake, a strawberry swirl cheesecake, and basically almost any cheesecake your heart could desire. The cheesecakes cost from 38.95 to 62.95 This place also caters to people who crave delicious well-cooked meals such as burgers and fries with a side of beverage or if you have a craving for seafood they also serve dishes like that for you to enjoy.

Juniors Cheesecakes (http://i.imgur.com/i3j9YGi.jpg)

Juniors Cheesecakes

Go Green Festival (http://www.greenprophet.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/tel-aviv-luna-park-green-festival-500x304.jpg)

Go Green Festival

1PM – Go Green! Festival

On June 4th, 2016, MaCarren Park in Brooklyn will be hosting a festival. Exhibitors please come out to support the Go Green movement! Activities include educational lessons about how to protect the Earth, exercise lessons, and volunteer activities such as coming out to help plant a variety of plants as well as help pick up trash. When trash gets littered randomly everywhere it causes a great deal of harm to the Earth especially when we don’t recycle. More plants will also help us reduce the carbon dioxide in the air. Both are great ways start helping our planet Earth. Anyone and everyone can and should come out to enjoy the activities that are being offered.

6PM – Five Leaves

After you are finished with all the fun activities at MaCarren Park, you can stop by a place in Greenpoint that will be sure to satisfy your hungry stomach. For dinner this place offers a large assortment of foods for you to enjoy. Starting with the starters or appetizers before your meal, it costs from $7 to $16 depending on what kinds of food you want whether it be a starter salad or steamed mussels. For the main course, you can choose foods like Burgers, which would cost $15 and if you want to add additional sides it only costs an extra $2. You can also choose a meal consisting of salmon that costs $26.

9PM – Catch a Movie at Court St

After eating all that food, you can then go to the movies to enjoy a relaxing time with your friends and family or have bonding moments. Located at 106 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, UA Court Street Stadium 12 & RPX, this is the best place to go watch a movie. Tickets for children and seniors will be $11.30 and adult prices are $15.30. You can enjoy movies such as Captain America or The Angry Bird Movie.


11AMBreakfast at Reynard

Start out your beautiful Sunday with Brunch at Reynard. Located in Williamsburg this place provides some of the best breakfast foods such as eggs, pancakes and sausage, etc. The menu starts from a price of $14 to $22 dollars, and you would get the best breakfast food around at a good price.

Biking at the Brooklyn Bridge Park (https://si.wsj.net/public/resources/images/NY-CK069_METROM_P_20130614212806.jpg)

Biking at the Brooklyn Bridge Park

2 PM – Citi Bike Tour of Brooklyn Bridge Park

After the delicious meal at Reynard’s, go to the Brooklyn Bridge Park to exercise with a bike ride around the park. You can rent a Citi Bike for a day starting at the price of $9.95 or rent a bike for three days for the price of $24. You can ride your bike around to look at the nice nature scenery or people playing basketball and soccer in the park. You can also take this time to daydream about what you would like to do in the future or take a friend to accompany you around this beautiful area. You can also come here to do environmental work such as clean litter to make the park look as beautiful as it does now.

5PM – Smorgasburg

After all that scenery watching and bike riding, come to Smorgasburg to enjoy the night view. Here you can enjoy easy to go to foods such as donuts, burgers and all other foods from different backgrounds such as Spanish food, American foods, etc. Located at the waterfront you can enjoy the view of the water while enjoying your meal. Vendors from all over the country come here to present their food for others to try. The origins of the outdoor food flea market came from Los Angeles, CA.

Smorgaburg (http://3av1lj34qjkt1gbaoy39pblm.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/JvP_092714_0497_print.jpg)



If you are from out of state and need a place to stay to enjoy you time here in Brooklyn, you can stay at the New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge. Located at 333 Adams St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, this is a four star hotel with rooms that includes flat screen TVs, mini fridges, WiFi and other necessities. Room prices start from $300 a night and this could be an experience of a lifetime.


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36 Hours on Brooklyn Waterfront

The great New York City holds many historic fields and sites. The Brooklyn Bridge Park Water Front is one of specific site that you should visit, which is located in the coast of the Brooklyn side. Even the Brooklyn Bridge Water Front is separated into 6 different piers, there are four meaningful sites that you don’t want to miss it: National Waterway, Pier 6, Waterfront Wines and Spirit, and Dumbo Art Festival. Those four sites have inherited a meaningful remark of Brooklyn Water Front.


As a tourist who stay in the Pier House at Brooklyn Bridge Park Hotel on Friday afternoon, the first site you must visit is National Waterway. It has recorded a history and a chronicle of its own development. Since 1810, this waterway serves as the national leading seaport. As years go by, this seaport has grown in population and working effectively as a waterway. During the early 20th century and up to now, this waterway has continuously been transformed and it is become as a favor spot called an East River Ferry way. Once we across the water, we can also see the whole view of eastern coast of Manhattan and the South Street Seaport.

Furthermore, during the evening after the sunset, just come along the coast line of the waterfront, where we will see the sustainable and beautiful site known Salvaged Beauty. This site is known for its sustainability in maintaining its original site structure while being change with using a lot of recycled and salvaged materials. This site and the land can maintain its “cultural legacy”. It is always be the most beautiful site that we can see both the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge at the same time. As you watch the bridges from the street, both bridges and Manhattan city lights are shining along the ocean viewing as the stars are on the land.


The Pier 6 is another attractive area. Those place known as an ultimate playground headquarter which is good for all ages. Everyone will like it (no doubt at all). When you walk along the place, there is a greenway. It is a beautiful cycling road that can lead you from the Brooklyn Bridge Park to Pier 6. One of the interesting way to get to Pier 6 is taking from the “Atlantic Avenue and Furman Street” to reach your destination by city bike or strolling.

Between the Pier 5 and 6, there is a working waterfront along with the coast. Ever since the 19th century till now, those waterfront is still active. However, its warehouse was not operated by a manpower anymore. It changed to a machine operated warehouse.

Within the western end of Atlantic Avenue, near the Pier 6 at the Brooklyn Bridge Park, is a community living with immigrants around the world. This place is known as a crossroads of immigration. During the 19th century this community used to be a gateway for the refuge and new immigrants. The culture of many have affected the community’s home culture to be more diverse with the different culture of people around. Economy has definitely improve rather than

At the dinner time, we need to visit Fornino (a famous Pizza Restaurant). This isn’t a normal pizza restaurant that you find in New York. There are only three different location in Brooklyn that we can find this unique restaurant. One of it located in Pier 6 closed to Brooklyn Bridge Park. The pizza are blended with historical traditions with a scientific subtleties. They use a wood-fired oven to make the pizza, along with some of their signature drinks. You will only understand how good it is until you try it once.

The Waterfront Wines & Spirits is specialized in its outlook and product. A wine store that sells local traditional wine through long experience of sustainable practices. The workers are quite knowledgeable and take great pride at their job. The wine is influenced by culture from the past till now. Originally this area has an old and a historical waterfront warehouse, which that has been remodel by Favor designer – “Alexander Dodge. A beautiful shelving was constructed as Red Hook which symbolize our city’s history on saving something that serves keep memories alive. We can come to visit the Waterfront Wine & Spirit in the morning or at the night time. For it does open 7 days a weeks from noon to 9:00 Pm.


We must go to a place called Dumbo where it can be found between Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridge. It holds the history as an Industrial Waterfront, which bonds between many other historical places around all directions of this landmark. Having so many heritage of industrial buildings in North, South, East and West. This place proves to be a worthly landmark. Dumbo was only able to have this heritage is not only because where it was located, but also for creating the manufacturing centers called Olympia. The Olympia is located at the original ferry which landing during the 18th century. Now the ferry is opened for tourist along to come by and enjoy the transportation system. Thanks to Dumbo’s continuous growth of the manufacturing system, it changes a historical ferry into two ferry lines, the Fulton Ferry and the Catherine Street Ferry.

After some sightseeing come and visit the Atrium Dumbo. This is a restaurant that sells fresh, market-driven cuisine, all with the use of European culture techniques. The eating and drinks are focused in supporting community and partner up with the local neighbors around the area. This way it can let both the tourist and local neighbors feel a part of the country.


The Pier House at Brooklyn Bridge Park is a very unique building. The building is a part of the 1 Hotel at Brooklyn Bridge. It can be treat as a both major attraction and a hotel together. This place was once a rural village and now it’s a renowned park and residential wonderland. The inside of the Pier House looks just like a luxuries house that most of the tourists do not want to miss it.











“36 hours on the Brooklyn Water Front” sebastian Chiriboga

“36 hours on the Brooklyn water front”


Brooklyn is the most populated borough of New York Cities five boroughs that are Queens, Manhattan, and Staten Island. Brooklyn has experienced a renaissance as a destination for hipster, with concomitant gentrification, dramatic house price increase, and a decrease in housing affordability. Since 2010, Brooklyn has evolved into a thriving hub of entrepreneurship and high technology startup firms, and of postmodern art and design. Are based location of attraction is Williamsburg with many fabulous dining restaurant, extraordinary bars, some beautiful bakeries, and museums to gather some knowledge.



1.The Blue Stove 11am

With the ripening of apples, pumpkins and the like, fall is pie-eating season, and should you find yourself in Brooklyn, a pleasant place to eat pie is the Blue Stove bakery, at 415 Graham Avenue, in the expansionary eastern regions of Williamsburg. Blue Stove’s pies are sold by the slice and as individual mini-pies, the latter of which cost $6.50 In either case, the nice woman behind the counter will offer to heat it up and serve it to you with a side of cream. It is great believed or not does pies are worth everything.



2.Museum of Food and Drink (MOFAD) 3pm

MOFAD seeks to advance public understanding of the culture, history, science, production, and commerce of food and drink. The museum currently operates MOFAD Lab, an exhibit design studio and gallery space in Brooklyn, NY, whereFlavor: Making It and Faking It is now on show. It brings a big diversity of the culinary world to Brooklyn and it teaches society the process of food making. Tickets are for adults(+18) are $10 dollars kids under $5 are free students and seniors $12.



3.DeStefano’s Steakhouse 5pm

You’re actually entering someone’s former home when you eat here. You feel like the homeowners have cleared out their living room and set up nice dining tables for you to eat their home cooked meal. It’s very charming, and all the walls are covered in family photos going back to the 50’s (perhaps even earlier) and coming up to present day.

There is a small three-seat bar beside the host station when you walk into the restaurant. This is certainly not the kind of place you go for a happy hour or to just hang out at the bar. They do, however, make a good martini. When I tried the stake was the greatest thing I ever tasted in ages. With the juices from the medium rare steak with a touch of onions and a it had enough salt and pepper. The meat its self was aged 28 days and primed. Price range is expensive but its worth it.



4.Barcade from 7pm

Barcade is a combination bar and arcade with a focus on classic video games and American craft beer. The original Barcade was opened in 2004 in a former metal shop on Union Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Here, finding and chatting up prime specimens is as easy as shooting fish in a barrel—or, more accurately, as easy as shooting aliens in Galaxian, one of more than thirty vintage arcade games that give Barcade its name. The airy, loft-like space never feels crowded, and there’s plenty of room to sit and watch Union Avenue’s finest compete for high scores of all varieties. Most importantly, the rotating list of more than 20 microbrews includes many local beers on tap. Price rage is moderate. Easy to get there 2 blocks away from the G line.

5.Berry Park 10pm

Spacious rooftop in Brooklyn. The main ground level looks like an upscale college sports bar. I would’ve probably never known this place had a pretty cool rooftop upstairs had I not looked it up on yelp beforehand. The main level is quite spacious with plenty of room to sit and stand around. The rooftop is a bit smaller but offers great views of Manhattan. This is not a skyscraper by any means. The place was not as pretentious as some other rooftops in the city. Prices were surprisingly average ($7-$12) beer/cocktails.





  1. Fortunato Brothers 11am

I didn’t have much of a wait, so we stood completely mesmerized by the enormous selection of treats. I needed to feed my whole family dessert, so I bought a dozen Neapolitan cookies, a slice of tiramisu, a cream puff, and a lovely large cannoli. Prices are moderate I bought sweets from a range of 6 to 20 dollars very delicious and I will definitely come back with my family to enjoy more sweets and gelato. Is located on 289 Manhattan Ave Brooklyn, NY 11211 between Devoe St & Ainslie St Williamsburg – North Side.


Brooklyn Life Aug 16, 2013 • 10:45am by Jim

7.Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation 10am

Today, the 300-acre Brooklyn Navy Yard is an industrial park operated by the nonprofit Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation, with over 40 buildings leased by more than 330 companies in a wide range of industries, from movie and television production to green manufacturing. One building houses BLDG 92, a LEED-Platinum Visitor Center that includes exhibitions about the past, present, and future of innovation at the Brooklyn Navy Yard and a café that overlooks the site. From World War II history to sustainable architecture and industry, there are various tours of the yard available, including theme-based bus and bike tours start and end at BLDG 92. A portion of all ticket precedes go to support the Visitor, Exhibition, and Employment Center at BLDG 92. For tickets, visit the Turnstile/Tours you’re welcome to check the prices and decide what’s the best tour for you or do them all the same day. I recommend doing them all since you’re getting familiarized with the location and it’s easy to get around in a cab or train.

  1. The River Café 2pm

The view was exceptional. You have a broad view on the statue of liberty, the liberty tower and Brooklyn Bridge. They offer a 3-course menu for $125. The quality of the food, the presentation and the taste of the food were all terrific. Our dinner selections was: Appetizer 1: Wild Shrimp, Entree 1: Lamb, Dessert 1: Chocolate Brooklyn Bridge. Reminder reserve with a 3-week notice establishment is always at its max because of its view and delightful plates.


9.Hotel Delmano 5pm

They offer a wide array of premium specialty spirits, boast a seasonal cocktail menu of original recipes by our staff, and a 100-bottle wine list focusing on small artisanal producers. They also have an exceptional raw bar specializing in a seasonal oyster selection from both coasts as well as shrimp, clams, caviar, crab, and other additions when available. We also offer a selection of cured meats, artisanal cheeses, and other small plates like ceviche and steak tartare that pair well with our cocktails and wine. The food selection is to die for, but great in flavor and with the combination of wine that they give with the plate selection is great.



10.Brooklyn Bowl 10pm

Is a venue that is divided for concerts, and have a fun time bowling. Many bands and artists present there weakly. Food is incredible and all the drinks that you can have are great and recommended. Price range is moderate only to play bowling you have to make reservations and purchase in advance or wait the long lines.



11.BrooklynCupcake 10am

Up until last month, I didn’t even know that Brooklyn Cupcake existed. The flavors are creative & outstanding inspired Latino counterparts. Bought – dozen cupcakes (6 Guava and 6 Tres Leches) and they were amazing. $15/6 cupcakes. The Tres Leches cupcake was moist and had a generous dollop of fresh whipped cream. The guava cupcake had a surprise guava filing at the bottom.the price is moderated and travel time in train is close.





12.Jane’s Carousel 12am

It’s a pretty dramatic location, between the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges, and the carousel will be sheltered in a pretty ritzy pavilion, a $9 million transparent acrylic jewel box by the French architect Jean Nouvel. Jane’s Carousel is a classic 3-row machine with 48 exquisitely carved horses and two superb chariots. It was created in 1922, the heyday of the American Carousel, by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company (P.T.C.) Designated as PTC. No. 61, it was originally installed in Idora Park in Youngstown, Ohio, then a prosperous steel-making city. Tickets are $2, A child age 3 and younger (or under 42” tall) may ride free if accompanied by a paying adult.


13.Colonie 4pm

The service was wonderful. Professional, efficient, and friendly. We hardly had to wait for anything. We ordered the salted caramel custard doughnuts to go and enjoyed them at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Our bill was around $60, but we did order a lot. I think they have a really reasonably priced menu with something for everyone.


In Williamsburg, Hotel Le Jolie (235 Meeker Avenue; 718-625-2100;hotellejolie.com) is a 54-room boutique hotel within easy walking distance of many shops and restaurants. A standard room with queen-sized bed is $149.

Hotel Le Bleu (370 Fourth Avenue; 718-625-1500; hotellebleu.com), near Park Slope, is down the street from a Pep Boys auto-supply shop. But the views of the harbor are sublime, and there are two subway stations within blocks. A deluxe room with king bed and continental breakfast is $229.


36 Hours in Brooklyn, New York.

Away from the offices, and crowed streets of Manhattan; Brooklyn is the region of homes and happiness. Starting with its newly built park along the East River, to the fully renovate warehouses and factories – now hosting many restaurants, art galleries and clothing shops – Brooklyn now resembles harmony among New Yorkers and welcomes tourist to be part of it. Furthermore, if you interest a much more astonishing view of Brooklyn I encourage you to use the East River Ferry and travel along Brooklyn shoreline.


  1. Eating at the Harbor 7:30 p.m.

A WWII ship has arisen from the darkness of 1945 and is now cruising through the New York Harbor. Bring a New England theme to New York, The Water Table bring a vast variety of cocktails, craft beers, and wine along and astonishing view of Midtown Manhattan and the East River. An $80 three course dinner gives you a choice of 3 Appetizers; Cheese plate, Lobster Corn Chowder, and Kale Salad. Along with 3 Entrees; New England Seafood Boil, Italian Sausage and Peppers, and Vegetarian dish upon request. Finish it up with some delightful Cookies. It also includes a two and a half hour cruise through the Eats River.

2. Keep Calm & Let’s Go Bowling! 11:30 p.m.

Let Williamsburg bowling alley fill your soul with live music, a deluxe bowling experience, and amazing mouthwatering food & drinks. Be ready for a memorable night, whether you are there to bowl, or to catch a show. Brooklyn Bowl has you cover with the best adrenaline you will ever experience in New York. Bowling start at $25 per lane for half an hour, up to 8 people are allowed per lane. Shoe rentals are an extra $4.95. Don’t feel like bowling? Visit the website for more information on ongoing show for the night at (Brooklyn Bowl ).


3. Sweet Chick 10 a.m.

Join the Sweet Chick team for a cool vine and great price range brunch. Aside from the best fried chicken in New York, Sweet Chick serves you a much more classic modern American Food dishes. Brunch for 2 can be around $80; don’t forget to ask for the home-made dessert, they will sure bring you back to the good old days. After enjoying a delicious energize meal be ready to take on an adventures journey through Brooklyn Waterfront, take the East River Ferry at N 6th Street / North Williamsburg and head down to DUMBO Park. Please be cautious and listen to the ferry crew members for further safety tips. Enjoy the ride!

4. DUMBO Park 1 p.m.

After been so industrialized, Brooklyn has been able to regenerate a new set of ideas to bring New Yorkers and tourist together in their new recreational park along the East River. Brooklyn Bridge Park hostess a vast variety of activities friends and family can come and have a great time. From Pier 1 to Pier 6, Brooklyn Bridge Park is a never ending fun.

Starting with the popular fully restored Jane’s Carousel from 1922, you will have an unforgettable experience and if you are bringing kids over, I’m sure they will forever love you. Explore DUMBO Boulder many tracks and challenges for only $9 a pass. DUMBO parks bring one of North America largest outdoor Bouldering (Kettle. 2016). Feeling Hot?  Don’t let the hot sun melt you down. Jump in for a cool splash at the park pop-up pool. After a nice swim you’re always welcome to relax at the beach right next to the pool!

5. Its Dinner and Movie Time 7 p.m.

You will never see movie theaters the same way after you visit the Nighthawk Cinema. Sponsoring Signatures Film and Special Events and Movies, Nighthawk Cinema will leave you amused. Also, they added a little twist on how to enjoy movies. The Nighthawk Cinema Brings you a delicious complete menu asides from the popcorn’s and sweet treats.  You will love the the Fried Calamari with a little zucchini and peppers, dip it with their amazing Chipotle Aioli(Cinema, 2012). Movies and dinner for two can be around $75 dollars.


6. A View To The Horizon 9 a.m.

The best place to see the sun rise is at the East River State park. Take some deep breaths and let nature feel your body. The East River State Park gives you an astonishing view of Manhattan skyline this can be the best place to do some yoga as well.

7. Cool Berries 11 a.m.

Finish up your trip at Berry Park. Cool vine and an awesome rooftop Berry park bring you a piece of Germany to Brooklyn. If you feel like it’s too early for eat Berry park got you cover with a selection of small plates to mains to sweets you choose every will leave you carving for more. Brunch for two at Berry Park can be around $80.


Book your room at the Wythe Hotel and Discover the beauty behind the old factory of Williamsburg now filled with up to 70 rooms! Admire the beauty of the hotel filled with various paintings and the astonishing view each room provides. Every room includes a small fridge fill with various drinks and sweets, free WI-FI and a decent 24 inch HDTV.  Rooms start from $149 and above. Plus tax.

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36 Hours in Brooklyn, New York

With most people coming to New York to see Times Square and visit Manhattan, Brooklyn is also the heart of New York that has a lot to offer such as sightseeing, food, and historic places. It is very family friendly and tourist friendly. The most efficient way to get around Brooklyn would be the MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority) with includes trains and buses that conveniently tend to run all day and all night.


  1. Jane Carousel, 3 P.M

One of first things you should experience it’s a ride on the famous and antique carousel. It was built it 1922 by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company, it was donated by Jane & David Walentas. It is very kid-friendly and the tickets are only $2 a ride, they offer a package deal of 12 tickets for $20.00 and children 3 or younger (or under 42” tall) may ride free as long as they accompanied by a paying adult.

  1. Brooklyn Roasting Company, 5:30 P.M

For the Coffee lovers or pastry enthusiasts, Brooklyn Roasting Company offers Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade and Organic that is certified and sustainable. They buy certified coffee and have a taste-tasting of the coffee to decide if they should buy the coffee or not. Coffee sold here is from various countries including Peru, Ethiopia, El Salvador, Guatemala etc. Hot coffee, cold coffee and seasonal ranges from $1.50-$4.50. They have sandwiches, cookies, doughnuts, muffins and croissants. The take home coffee sizes are from 12oz tin to 5lb pricing from $15.00-$80.00, featuring grinds such as Coarse ground, Espresso ground, Medium ground and whole bean.

  1. Luke’s Lobster, 8:00 P.M

Luke Holden buys seafood fisheries along the Gulf of Maine. Enjoy a dinner for two; Noah’s Ark including with ½ lobster, crab and shrimp, 4 crab claws, 2 drinks ,2 chips or 2 slaws and 2 pickles.




  1. Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, 9:30 P.M

You can grab dessert here, with limited flavors including Vanilla, Vanilla Chocolate Chunk, Chocolate, Chocolate Chocolate Chunk, Strawberry, Peaches and Cream, Butter Pecan, and Coffee. Ranging from one scoop to 3 scoops ($3.50-6.50). They also serve milkshakes, sundaes and banana splits. Take home pints are also available, this business is cash only


  1. Le Pain Quotidien 9 A.M

Le Pain Quotidien meaning “the daily bread”100% Botanical/Vegan, Gluten-free Ingredients, sweetened with raw organic agave nectar, French inspired restaurant. Enjoy a Belgian waffle with cream and fresh berries with a choice of various drinks to go with it.

  1. New York Transit Museum, 11:30 A.M

Image result for transit museumThe largest museum dedicated to New York’s public transportation history. Tickets for adults are $7 dollars, children are $5 and senior citizens are $5. This is a wheelchair accessible place, here you can see trains and buses from the early 1900s and it’s very interactive and it truly gives you the experience as it is all located underground.


  1. Brooklyn Bridge, 2:00 P.M

The Brooklyn Bridge completed in 1883, connects both Brooklyn and Manhattan in walking and in biking distance. There are vendors at the end of the bridge that serve hot dogs and pretzels, or you can even rent a bike for a small fee but walking the bridge and taking picture’s it’s all free.

  1. Shake Shack, 5 P.M

Fairly new to New York the craze of shake shack will have lines out the door, so it’s best to get there early to be the crowd. This place is dog-friendly as they have a separate menu for dogs. Offers burgers, fries, hot dogs, milkshakes and soft drinks. They provide allergen info and nutritional info

  1. Barclays Center, 8:00 P.M

See many sporting events here including basketball, hockey or if the circus is in town or there can be a concert. It’s most of the subway lines including 2,3,4,5,N,Q,R,B, Lirr railroad. It is also accessible through several bus lines B63, B45, B67, B103 and B41.



  1. Buttermilk Channel, 10 A.M

Close to the F/G train and the B57, heading to Red Hook. Home-made granola is on the menu, buttermilk pancakes and eggs Huntington is offered. Prices vary it’s between $7-$15.

  1. Prospect Park, 12 P.M

Brooklyn’s largest park where there are a lot of activities to do such as boating, bike riding, roller-skating, horseback riding would be a care-free way to end this trip.

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36 hours on the Brooklyn Water Front

             36 Hours on the Brooklyn Waterfront


Located in arguably the most famous borough in New York City, this stretch of coastline and its surrounding areas boast some of the best food, art, and history in the world. Combine that with the influx of new residents and some classic Brooklyn eateries, it is an ideal location to visit


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The Brooklyn Water Front has been an historically important area for Brooklyn since it was first settled by the Dutch. As the borough grew in size and incorporated more and more neighborhoods the span of the waterfront increased as well. Now It spans from Greenpoint in the north-western part of Brooklyn, all the way to Spring Creek which borders Queens. Along this long stretch of land that runs along Brooklyn’s coast, you can find locations that will bring you back to Brooklyn time and time again



1. Sights by the Brooklyn Bridge, 3 P.M.

One of your first destinations will be Brooklyn Bridge Park. For most of its history, the area had been an industrial center with warehouses, docks, and factories. It has seen a revitalization into a waterside park that gives you ample views of the Brooklyn Bridge, Lower Manhattan, and the Statue of Liberty. This area is perfect for multiple interests. There are the piers that have been converted into basketball courts and soccer fields for the more athletically inclined, as well as ample seating for those who wish to just take in the sights and sounds of being down by the water.


2. Lunch at a famous “New,but old,” pizzeria, 5 P.M.

 Not even a 10 min walk up from the park and you will find yourself at Juliana’s. This pizzeria is where you can find the pizza that made Grimaldi’s such a household name. Taking residence in the original site of Grimaldi’s, owners Patsy and Carol Grimaldi have made there return to the food scene after a decade long retirement, to bring their version of the Brooklyn style pizza back.  Here you can find classic pizza pie choices for $17 or $20 as well as  expensive specialty pies, one of them including white truffles. For desert they serve ice cream from the nearby Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory.

3. Dinner at Peter Luger Steakhouse, 8 P.M.

Further north in Brooklyn lies a historic steakhouse that has called Williasmburg its home since 1887. It has been a must try for people who wish to try some of the finest steaks in all of Brooklyn for years. It is easily accessible by public transportation, as the J and M trains stop a few blocks away, as well as there being a major bus hub in the area as well.


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4.Spend some time admiring the Botanical Gardens, 11 A.M.

If you love seeing a host of different flowers in bloom set in a quiet area, this is your destination. The Brooklyn Botanical gardens are located in between Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Children’s Museum. Here you can find Flowers from across the world on display, as well as separate areas for specific displays. With multiple entrances and relatively low admission fees ( $12 for adults), this is an ideal location to visit during your trip.


5. A trip to Coney Island, 3 P.M.

Located along the southern tip of Brooklyn is Coney Island. It is home to famous rides such as the Wonder Wheel and the Cyclone, as well as one of the most famous eateries in the world, Nathan’s Hot dogs. You can take your family for a walk along the boardwalk, or go thrill seeking in Luna Park which has its share of roller coasters. For lunch you can stop by Nathan’s and pick up a classic hotdog, or you can try their new seafood menu which appears to be a hit with beach goers. The ample game stands and rides, as well as the beach can keep you entertained while visiting.

6. Try some authentic NY Cheesecake at Junior’s, 7 P.M.

Head on down to the corner of Flatbush and DeKalb avenues to have the best cheesecake in NYC at Junior’s. Established in 1950, Junior’s has been serving classic deli and dinner favorites for over 60 years. But the main draw of the restaurant is its cheesecake, which has transformed the restaurant into somewhat of a legend. Aside form the original cheesecake they serve flavors such as strawberry, raspberry, and chocolate cheesecakes which all come out around the $30-$40 dollar range. Visiting this restaurant is definitely a good way to end a Saturday night.


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7. If you like trains, the Transit Museum is your destination, 12 P.M

The Transit Museum was built out of the old Court Street train station that was shut down during the 1940’s. It will feel like walking into periods of NYC’s past as you look at retired train, and trolley cars from past years, as well as maps and the history of how the subway system was systematically built. Admissions fees are low, with adult tickets at $7 and children’s tickets at $5. Head over to the museum if you want to learn about a part of what makes Brooklyn and NYC so great.


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8. Want to go shopping, or see a show? Head on up to Atlantic Terminal, 4 P.M.

Thia area is a newer development in Brooklyn. Here you can find Atlantic Mall where you can get some shopping done if that’s what you are interested in. Or you can walk across the street to the Barclay’s center which is home the Brooklyn Nets basketball team and New York islanders hockey team. The Barclay’s center also hosts events and performances so there is never a dull moment while you are there.


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