Tourism: Brooklyn Bridge Park


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Hello, My name is Stephanie Shimabuku. I am a freshmen student in City Tech. I am enrolled in the hospitality management program. I was introduced to hospitality management in high school through the culinary program I took for four years. The culinary class that I took consisted of cooking in the kitchen, learning about the food industry, baking and pastry and so much more. In addition taking part of catering events the culinary class was affiliated with non profit organization program called CCAP. CCAP had many events in volunteering, meeting chefs, and programs all based on culinary.Through this culinary program I learned about front and back of the house. The next step I took was gaining expereince in a real kitchen in NYC. My first internship was in a fine dining restaraunt called Dovetail being a prep cook. After my internship I decided to see what front of the house was. A second intership I did at Dovetail , setting up the dining table and seeing how different the kitchen in from the dining room. Through my experiences I learned what my strength was. I felt stronger in front of the house than in back of the house. I enjoyed working with people and seeing guests in the dining room enjoy their food. I set a goal to go to college and learn more about hospitality management and pursue that career. Now that I am in college I will take the advantage of these courses to learn about hospitality management.

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