Jiyoung (Kathy) Park

Jiyoung Park is from Seoul, South Korea. She came to America at the age of 4 and currently lives in Brooklyn, New York. She adopted her English name, Kathy, from one of her after school tutors. Today, many of her friends and family members know her by Kathy. Kathy is very proactive in dance and has a passion for gaming, cooking, and shopping. Her childhood has been rocky due to her parent’s divorce; however, she developed an unique and close relationship with her mother. Kathy looks up to her mother and older sister as her role models. They have been a crucial part of her life, in which they have supported her goals and dreams. Kathy graduated from Leon M. Goldstein High School for the Sciences in 2012. She now attends City College of Technology, majoring in Hospitality Management, in hopes of becoming an event/wedding planner. She also wishes to open up a café in the city with her older sister.

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