Week 13


Table of Contents

Tuesday 12/03/19


Browse and choose a favorite article form NY Times 2018 Year In Graphics

  • Production Day!
  • Introduction to Project 3 – Information Flow (See: Project3-FlowChart)
  • See examples posted here
  • Grace Gallery (mini class trip)
  • Presenters
    • Joseph Satoo
    • XiuMin Zhu
    • Irvin Cortes
    • Karen Ensaldo Clara
  • Work on developing and flushing out your ideas for Project 2 and 3

Please read this article: The 34 Best Interactive Data Visualizations from the New York Times

We only have 3 weeks left. Plan accordingly. Project 2 and Project 3 (see above) will be due Week 15. We will have in class presentations Week 14.


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